Nikko Top

Hi there! Have you seen the newest release from True Bias, the Nikko Top and Dress? This mock turtleneck pattern has options for a long sleeve or sleeveless top or ankle length dress. The top is fitted and the dress is straighter through the waist and hips. I was a tester for the pattern and I wanted to show off the top that I made during testing.

Nikko Top 2

This pattern calls for medium weight fabric with 75% stretch so that the mock turtleneck will pull over the head easily.Β  The fabric I used is a stretchy, lightweight rayon/spandex knit that I had in my stash. I bought 4 yards of this fabric a while back with the plan to make a maxi dress, but the stripes were on grain on some parts of the fabric and slanted on other parts so I never could figure out how to cut the dress.

Nikko Top 3

Nikko Top 4

I ended up using the fabric for a Santa Fe top last Summer but the seams twisted after I washed it, which made me so sad. I figured it would be a safe bet for a test garment since I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the mock turtleneck style.

Nikko Top 6

As with all of the True Bias patterns I’ve made, I ended up really liking the style. Kelli has such a knack for getting me out of my comfort zone and into garments that are a little bit trendy but totally wearable in my day to day life. The fit of the top is great, especially for wearing tucked into a high waisted bottom, like the Lander pants or my black Wedgwood skirt. (I made a size 10 graded to a 14 at the hip. This is the tester version of the Nikko pattern– some slight changes were made to the final pattern.)

Nikko Top 7

Since testing this top I’ve started seeing mock turtlenecks all over the place! They are a great layering piece and look really sharp on their own. I’ve struggled a bit with this pattern made in this shibori style fabric, though. I was surprised that this top washed up just fine and I really want to wear it more than I have been. I’ve tried wearing it with a bunch of skirts in my closet but I don’t think anything works quite right with the tie dye-ish fabric. I thought my denim Brumby skirt would be great but I didn’t love them together. I tried it with my tencel Cleo skirt, my corduroy Chi Town Skirt, and my knit Veronika skirt but those didn’t seem like a good combination with this fabric, either. I’m not 100% sold on this combo of the black pleated skirt and shibori Nikko– I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t like black and navy together. I think a black and white striped Nikko would be way better with this skirt. Time to hurry up and make one!

Nikko Top 8

I have plans to make some white jeans for Spring/Summer and I think this top will look great with white denim. I was also thinking that the sleeveless version of the top would be great layered under my Burnside Bibs. I am excited to make a few more of these soon!

What would you pair with this crazy top, besides jeans?



4 thoughts on “Nikko Top

  1. Well, I think this is a fabulous looking outfit on you. You look slim (not that you are not), and stylish; very put together. I really like these together, but I understand. I usually don’t like navy and black together either. I think I really like those bias stripes; they are quite flattering. And I don’t usually see you in fitted tops. They look good on you! I love turtlenecks so I will be looking at this pattern. I agree, this fabric will look really sharp with white denim, or white twill pants for that matter.


  2. I think it would look wonderful with a nice pair of dungarees like Tilly’s pattern πŸ™‚ I’ve heard wonderful things about this pattern (not having tried it myself – last time I made one of these was when I started sewing 50 years ago πŸ™‚ ) I love this top! You’re right Kelli is always spot on with her designs which are simple but something you wear ALL the bloody time πŸ™‚


  3. This is cute! I actually love the black skirt combo with this shirt. I really dislike navy and black together, but I see your top as more of a royal blue than a navy, so I think it totally works! The flare of the skirt balances with the fit of the top nicely. πŸ™‚


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