Oliver + S Bubble Dress and Bloomers

Bubble Dress front

Hello! I’m back today with some more baby cuteness. I made some things for Caroline’s baptism and only just today managed to get some photos of her wearing her dress. She’s getting so big I was worried that she might be close to outgrowing everything before I got the pictures. When Luke was a baby it didn’t occur to me that I could sew his baptism garments and when it was Andrew’s turn he wore the same outfit that Luke had worn. Continue reading

Ruby Dress and Rae Skirt

Ruby dress with cardigan

We had Caroline baptized a few weeks ago and I made her a sweet little baptism dress, which I will have to post about soon. I need to put her in it again and take some pictures before she grows out of it. I was trying to figure out what I would wear to the baptism and decided it was a great occasion for a new dress. I’d just come off of making my Ruby top and loved it so much that I figured I should make the dress version. Continue reading