Tessuti Lisa Top and Me Made May ’15 Pledge

Lisa Top

Hi! I just signed up for Me Made May ’15.  Here is my pledge:

I, Teri Dodds of fasewla.wordpress.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear one me made item each day for the duration of May 2015.

I am excited to take part again this year even though my options are more limited than they were last year.  I am stepping up the workouts and trying to get back into some of the clothes I made last year. But in case that plan doesn’t work I am also sewing up as many new things as I can! In fact, I just finished another version of the Tessuti Lisa pattern– this time as a top! Continue reading

Tessuti Lisa Dress

Lisa Dress 1

Hey there! How is everyone doing? I am here today to show you the dress I made for myself for Easter.  I am in this awkward postpartum phase that I really don’t remember so much from my first two pregnancies.  I seem to have stalled on the weight loss progress and only about 5% of my clothes fit me right now. (I arrived at that number quite unscientifically. Essentially nothing fits except for the few things I’ve made for myself since having Caroline.)  I’ve got sort of an unintentional capsule wardrobe going on right now.  I keep rotating through my three Linden sweatshirts, my Marianne top, and my Extraordinary Girl top (which I took in so it’s not so maternity any more.) I have two pairs of Hudson pants and one pair of jean in the rotation for bottoms.  Continue reading

Geranium Dress

Geranium dress 1

Hello lovely readers! I am checking in today with some more pictures of my sweet baby girl. When Caroline was born I think I waited about 15 minutes before I started making a mental list of what I wanted to sew for her. The first thing on my list was the Geranium dress from Made by Rae. I love Rae’s patterns (especially the Washi which is my most made pattern!) and I was really excited to finally be able to make one of these darling dresses. Continue reading