Wedgwood Skirt // Indiesew Fall Skirt Week

Striped Tee and Skirt 1

Hi! I am excited to be part of Indiesew’s Fall skirt week blog tour! I still have a little bit of Summer sewing that I would like to finish (or start, more accurately!) but I am starting the mental shift to sewing for cooler weather.

Striped Tee and Skirt 3

I wear skirts a lot in the Summer because it’s really easy to throw them on with a t-shirt and flip flops. When the weather starts getting cooler I shift to pants and jeans because I will generally do whatever it takes to avoid wearing tights until the dead of Winter. I made it my goal to figure out ways to wear a skirt that would look appropriate for the upcoming season but wouldn’t require tights.

Striped Tee and Skirt 2

I have been wanting to sew the Wedgwood Skirt from Straight Stitch Designs for a while. I sewed the sample that is in the Indiesew shop and wanted to make one for myself as soon as I was done with it. I hadn’t been able to decide on fabric and then it ended up getting lost in the sewing queue shuffle. When I was thinking about sewing this skirt for Fall I knew what I needed more than anything was a basic, black skirt. I ordered this micro twill fabric and I think it’s the perfect match for this full skirt.

Striped Tee and Skirt 4

I love the classic box pleats of this skirt. I opted to leave off the pocket flaps and just went with plain, in seam pockets. (I also lengthened the knee length view by 1 inch.) I loved the idea of wearing this high waisted skirt with a long sleeved, striped t-shirt so I also sewed up a boat neck Lark tee using some rayon spandex jersey fabric that I had previously ordered from the Indiesew shop. I paired the skirt and t-shirt with my suede booties.  I really love this outfit– it’s cute, comfortable, and feels very me.

Striped Tee and Skirt 5

My normal style is lower waisted skirts so when I started sewing this skirt I cut it a size too big. After I had assembled everything but the waistband I tried it on and decided that I really wanted it to sit higher, on the smallest part of my waist. I ended up cutting off the side seams and going down a size. I am so glad I made the change. I love where this hits me and how it looks with tucked in shirts.

Oxford and Skirt 1

I also paired the Wedgwood skirt with a classic blue oxford shirt and my black boots. I think I should be able to wear some variation of this look into November if the weather cooperates. I want to get my hands on some black and white or gray and white checked fabric to make an Archer, which I think would be pretty great with this skirt, too.

Oxford and Skirt back

My favorite part of the skirt is the exposed zipper in the back. I used a black jeans zipper and I love the contrast of the metal teeth. It gives the classic skirt just a little bit of edginess.

Oxford and Skirt 4

Have any of you switched over to Fall sewing (or Spring if you’re on the other side of the world)? Do you have any skirts planned? If so be sure to check out the Indiesew shop because all skirt patterns are 15% off until Friday with the code FALL4SKIRTS. I personally took advantage of that sale yesterday when I bought the newly added Chi Town Chinos pattern. Cross your fingers for me that I can get it made before bare legs weather is gone!


P.S. I received the Wedgwood skirt pattern when I sewed the sample for the Indiesew shop. All opinions are my own.








24 thoughts on “Wedgwood Skirt // Indiesew Fall Skirt Week

  1. You wear skirts like this so well. I love the outfits you have made and I think it would look fabulous with a gray and white check. Nice job! But I’m not ready for fall. I could definitely do summer for another two months.


    1. Thanks, Masha! I would like to order some of the Cotton + Steel gingham in the gray/white to make a shirt to wear with this skirt. I think that would be a very fun outfit! I love the fall season and cooler temperatures but I really don’t like the season that comes after… so part of me is with you and would like to hold on to Summer for as long as possible!


  2. I absolutely love the skirt/striped tee combo! It’s so classic. I have such a hard time with skirts myself… I can never figure out how to wear them. My waist is so high, relative to my height, that they always look funny. You do them so well though! Oh, and that exposed zip is perfection. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I am totally not used to this higher waisted silhouette in a skirt. When I first put the skirt on I thought it looked really weird, like I have a really short torso, so I know exactly what you mean. After I had it on for a little bit it started looking/feeling more normal. I am glad the exposed zipper turned out so well! I love how it looks against the black.


  3. That’s so awesome! And the styling is perfect, too. I need to buy tights to wear with my skirts. Heck, I need socks, lol. I need to google for knee-high socks that are bigger than size 10. I worry about what I’ll get back. 🙂 I could totally benefit from a plain skirt as well. My fall/winter skirts are plaid and a crazy assortment of animals.


    1. Thanks, Nicole! I think my problem with tights is that mine are all super control top so they are totally not comfortable. It’s definitely like squeezing a sausage into a casing when I try to put them on. Knee socks are a great idea!


  4. Lovely skirt, I love the pleats and it looks great in black, I could definitely do with one of these in my wardrobe as the weather gets cooler, I am the same as you, I seem to just wear jeans when it’s cold due to not liking tights but I will try and change that this year (although I said that last year)


    1. Thanks, Lynsey! Since I am mostly home with my kids I feel strange getting dressed up in boots and skirts– jeans are so much easier. But, I’ll definitely wear these outfits to church or if my husband and I get a chance to go out.


  5. Oh! I LOVE this skirt! Especially with the boots. It looks great on you! And yes, I’m starting about sewing for fall and winter already. For my kids that is. I don’t sew too much for myself at the moment.


    1. Thanks, Anya! I can’t believe it took me so long to make a plain black skirt. I think I may need to find a good straight/pencil skirt pattern and make a black one soon!


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