Burnside Bibs

When the Burnside Bibs pattern from Sew House Seven was released a couple of weeks ago I was instantly smitten. I could not get that green linen/cotton sample from the pattern listing out of my head. The color is amazing and I just love the wide legged silhouette with those great curved patch pockets. I had a few moments of doubt about whether I could pull off the look so I posted a photo of them on my Facebook page and asked my friends for their opinions. 

Burnside Bibs 2

It turned out that one of my friends, who I have done some commissioned sewing for in the past, really loved the look, too. She said she was interested in me making a pair for her. We talked about fabric options and both ended up deciding on this gray yarn dyed Brussels Washer linen. My friend decided on version 2, the view with the straight cut bib, no back pockets, and no-side zipper. I sewed her bibs first and couldn’t resist trying them on, even though they were a size 8, which would be too small for me.

Burnside Bibs 4

I was glad that I tried them on, because it was a good gauge of what size I should make for myself. The fit wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t loose enough in the hips/thighs for me. Based on the fit of version 2 I knew I should make myself the version 1, which has less fullness through the back waist and closes with an invisible size zip. I figured making this view would be a lot easier than trying to grade between sizes to get less fabric at the waist.

Burnside Bibs 6

I made myself a straight size 12. My measurements put my waist between an 8 and a 10 and my hips put me in a 12. If I had tried to grade between sizes from the waist to hips I might not have as much fabric cinched up at my back waist, but I’m good with it since it was much easier to just cut a straight size for once!

Burnside Bibs 8

This pattern sews up pretty quickly, especially if you make the ties using the option that doesn’t involve turning super long, skinny tubes inside out. I used the tube turning option on the pair I made for my friend and knew I never wanted to do that again! For mine I used the option where you press the raw edges of the ties to the middle of the straps and topstitch everything closed. It went so much faster and my fingertips were much happier!

Burnside Bibs 9

I really like the curved bib on this version and I am so in love with the wide legs and big pockets. These overalls are so fun and super comfortable in this linen/rayon blend. This fabric is prone to stretching while sewing and wearing which proved to be a problem when I was working on the back pockets. At first I sewed them on according to the pattern markings but when I tried them on they were very low and the tops were flopping open, which wasn’t a good look on my backside.

Burnside Bibs 10

My sewing friend Amber helped me and suggested that I make the pockets smaller and move them in a little more toward the center back. I took her advice and also ended up positioning them so that the inner corners were about half an inch higher than the outer corners. When the back is all cinched up they sit level and they don’t flop open anymore. If you are making these and want to add back pockets I would say it’s worth it to wait until you are finished with everything else and can play around with the position a little bit. Unpicking 2 rows of topstitching and bartacks was very frustrating for me! It was worth it, though, since the pockets are much better for me now.

Burnside Bibs 5

I found the legs to run long and I shortened these an inch to get the length just above my ankles. I have had a few people ask me what it’s like to get in and out of these. It’s a little bit tricky to get the ties done back up and not twisted, but it’s probably a lot better than trying to get in and out of a romper or jumpsuit. These might be the things I wear on a day when I’m not planning to drink a ton of water. I really love how the pants fit on this pattern and I’m curious to try to make them as pants without the bib. I think it would be fairly easy to make them with a flat front and elastic back. And I think I would pretty much live in them at that point!

Burnside Bibs 7

What do you think of the dungarees/bibs/overalls trend that is back in style?







21 thoughts on “Burnside Bibs

  1. These look great on you Teri! I’d love to see a pants version, with a long (palazzo?) length. Also, what is the fabric like? Is it soft? Do you need to iron it?


    1. Thanks, Lodi! There is a longer length available in the pattern but I love the just above ankle length for this time of year. Maybe in the fall/winter I will revisit the pattern and make the regular length. This fabric is very soft and I do iron it after I wash these. It doesn’t get as wrinkled as 100% linen would but there are definitely some areas that need some touch ups after they come out of the dryer. It’s really nice fabric and I would totally recommend it!


  2. These are absolutely adorable on you! I actually like the cinched look at the back. Also love your idea of putting elastic in the back instead of the ties. Now you have me itching to try this pattern, I had thought it wasn’t for me, but you are changing my mind! 😊


    1. Oh, Heidi, I can totally see you wearing these and loving them! They would probably be super cute made as shorts, too, but I love the swishy cropped length. I might not get to it for a while but I am definitely going to try to make them as pants. I know our sewing lists are always miles long but I will be curious to see if you do decide to make these!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I was heavily into overalls in the 90s when they were super popular and I have very little desire to revisit most of what I wore back then. These are such a unique design and nothing like my denim and corduroy overalls from 20 years ago so I decided to go for it. I am really glad I did!


  3. Yours turned out so cute too! I am feeling a tiny zing of regret – pockets in the back DO look good… Ha! Love them! Now we need a “twinning” pic 🙂


    1. Thanks, Nadia! They are so fun to wear, aren’t they?! After the trouble I had getting the pockets in the right spot I was feeling really glad that you didn’t want back pockets. I would have hated it if they ended up in the wrong spot for you. If you still want them maybe we can add them when we take our twinning picture!


  4. I love these on you Teri! I have a stack of things waiting to be made,,,but I fell hard for the Burnside Bibs when I saw them first. Those other things that are waiting (and some have been there for a looooonnnnggg while) may have to wait until I make these first. I keep slapping my hand away from the “Add to Cart” button; but it gets more difficult with every pair I see!


    1. Thanks, Mary! I’m really glad I took a chance on this pattern. They are so comfortable and I love wearing them. In face, my husband said to me today, “You must really like that outfit. You’ve worn those a few times already.” He never makes comments like that so of course I’m wondering if he thinks they are totally weird. I’m OK if he does, though, because I love them! I think you should try them!


  5. These turned out so cute!! The fit looks great and you picked the perfect fabric! And thank you for the shout out! I love talking pocket placement and all things sewing with you! 🙂


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