I am a wife and mama to 2 adorable boys and a sweet little girl. I stopped working in the corporate world after my second son was born and I started sewing in whatever spare time I could find. Once I discovered the world of indie pattern designers I was hooked on garment sewing. This is my little space to share my projects with you! Thanks for reading

8 thoughts on “About

  1. teri … i was looking through your site on your review of making the santa fe top from hey june patterns … because i went back as far as 2014 and could not find it, i did a search on your site and it came up with the linden shirt and luna pants in reference to *santa fe* … so, can you please point me to the link for the sante fe top — i am interested in what you have to say, as we have similar bodies {actually, i’m heavier on top} …

    your sewing is impeccable and you look wonderful in your creations, as do your adorable children …

    thank you for your time ….

    darlene harris
    spokane, wa


    1. Hi Darlene! I actually haven’t gotten my Santa Fe up on the blog yet. I was hoping to get it done today but I didn’t have time. I will shoot you an email with my details and try to get the post up tomorrow.


  2. no, no, no teri … no rush … i just could not find it, then went back to the hey june site and saw that i was reviewed …. duh on me …. 16 may and you have kids and stuff to do … don’t worry, when you get to it … i’m in the *thinking sewing mode* … hate my too large, chubby body and trying to get it together to make something anyway …. def no rush …

    take care and thank you so much for your response ….



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