Gray Floral Small Bow Washi Tunic


Well, I did it again.  I made another Washi.  Last week during One Week One Pattern I decided that I should make one more tunic so I would have a Washi for every day of the week.  A friend of mine asked me to make her a tie-neck Josephine top and she picked out this fantastic Lotta Jansdotter fabric.  Thankfully at the time I had the good sense to order some extra and it was just enough to make this Washi tunic.

I did my standard modifications on this top– made a medium graded to a large at the hips and scooped out the front armholes a bit to account for my forward shoulders.  I decided to cut the skirt portion between the tunic and dress cutting lines so it would be a little bit more full, but not as full as the dresses are.  I also raised the neckline an inch on this one.  It’s the first time I’ve done that and I am glad I did.  I am always a fan of higher necklines and this is still plenty scooped.


I added the small bow from the Washi expansion pack.  The front bodice is not cut on the fold for this version so it gave me a chance to practice my pattern matching.  I ended up getting the middle flower matched perfectly!  Of course the bow kind of covers it up, but I know that big flower is under there.


Instead of using elastic thread in the back I used the casing option from the expansion pack.  I sewed a seam down the middle of the casing and used two 3/8″ pieces of elastic instead of one piece that’s an inch wide.  I had to go back after washing this top and add some length to the elastic because it felt a little tight.  Does elastic shrink?  It never occurred to me to pre-wash it, but the top felt fine before washing.  It was a little annoying to have to unpick one of the side seams and lengthen the elastic, but of course I wanted the top to be comfortable so I’m glad I took the time to do it.

At some point I do want to try a Washi with sleeves, but I like being able to layer this with a cardigan.  And now I am really going to start some Fall sewing!   I am excited to try to tackle the Archer pattern this fall and have a few other things that will be great for cooler weather!




13 thoughts on “Gray Floral Small Bow Washi Tunic

  1. You look adorable in this top! Its interesting what you said about prewashing elastic, I have wondered that myself when I have made clothes for my children.


    1. Thanks, Hila! This is really the first time I’ve noticed that elastic might have shrunk– it doesn’t seem like it would but maybe I will start prewashing it just to be safe.


  2. This is such a cute top – I love the little bow! 🙂 It’s a nice feminine detail without being too much. Teri, you are quickly becoming the Queen of Washis and also the Queen of Pattern Matching. I’m impressed! Hope you enjoy your fall sewing projects, and of course I’m looking forward to seeing how you tackle the Archer.


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