One Week One Pattern 2014

I made a spur of the moment decision this past Saturday morning to take part in One Week One Pattern.  It’s a challenge where participants wear items made from one pattern of their choosing every day for a week.  I’m not sure why I waited until the last minute to jump on board considering I already had 6 versions of one pattern hanging in my closet… betcha can’t guess which one??  Of course, it’s the Washi!  I had 4 Washi dresses and 2 Washi tunics.  (And then I made another tunic this week, which took me to a Washi everyday!)   I’ve posted about most of them already, but here is a round up of what I wore this week:

034Day 1– My Favorite Ship Washi Dress


048Day 2– Rayon Washi Tunic (unblogged)


051Day 3– Pink Lawn Maxi Washi Dress


054Day 4– Dotty Chambray Washi Dress


059Day 5– Lotus Pond Washi Dress


071Day 6– When I Am King Washi Tunic


005Day 7– Blomster Tie Neck Washi Tunic (unblogged)

I really liked doing this challenge, but by day 6 I was really glad to be done with the dresses. I had planned to alternate dresses and tunics, but early in the week I found out that the weather was supposed to get much cooler at the end of the week. I am not in the frame of mind to pull out tights yet, so I wore the dresses while it was still Summer and switched to tunics and pants when Autumn hit.

It will be fun to contemplate what pattern I should choose for the next OWOP challenge. Helen from Just Sew Therapeutic used the Scout Tee pattern and I loved the outfits she wore. I have 2 Scouts in my closet– maybe it’s time to make 5 more?!


9 thoughts on “One Week One Pattern 2014

  1. I love how different all your Washis look! I think this is really the spirit of the challenge – to wear the same pattern everyday, but not have it look that way. Great job, and glad you decided to join in! 🙂


    1. Carolyn, you know what I was thinking would be fun is to do One Week One Designer (or pattern company, I guess.). Not that the sewing world needs another challenge, but it would be fun to alternate between patterns from one company instead of just one pattern. Like doing Scout Tees, Archers, Alders, and Hemlock tees for a week. It was very fun to put on my Lane Raglan tee this morning, that’s for sure! 😉


      1. You should do it!! You could try doing it yourself for a week, post about it, and see if enough people would be interested in joining in for another round. I think there are a lot of sewists who tend to favor a particular designer.


  2. Loved seeing your Washi’s, I’m particularly envious of your flowery spotty tunic and your blomster one, it’s such a great pattern and really versatile, I’ve added it to my (rather long) wish list! 😊


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