Make It Perfect Skippy Dress

Skippy 1

Back in August, Toni from Make It Perfect contacted me and asked if I’d like to be part of a blog hop showcasing her newest patterns, the Skippy and Joey dresses.  The Skippy dress is the women’s version and the Joey dress is the girl’s version.  I thought the dress was really cute so I jumped at the chance to make it.   I like that there are a bunch of different options included in the pattern.  There is a cap sleeve, elbow length, and long sleeve option.  I also really liked the cowl neck option.  I deliberated and decided to make the elbow length sleeve with the basic banded neck.  I  wanted to be able to wear this dress year round and I thought the cowl might limit it to Fall/Winter wear.  I used my favorite Laguna Jersey in Grass for this dress.

Skippy 3

I was sort of nervous about the sizing.  The dress looks to be cut pretty straight and I am a definite pear shape.  I cut a medium through the bust and graded out to a 1X at the waist.  I cut the skirt at a size 1X, too.  I cut the sleeves at the size large because they looked like they might fit me too snugly.  I actually think next time I would go up to an XL (or maybe just slash and spread at the bottom) so the sleeves would be a little looser.  They are gathered so increasing the size of the sleeve would just make them a bit more puffed at the top.

Skippy top

After I had the skirt attached tried on the dress I decided the bodice was too long.  The waistband was not hitting me at the best part of my hips so I ended up unpicking it and cutting off an inch from the bodice.  This shortened the kangaroo pocket a bit, but it’s still a good size for my hands to go in.  Next time I will know to shorten the bodice before I attach the pocket.

Once I was done making the dress I decided to try making a cowl from my leftover fabric.  Mine ended up about 3 inches shorter than the measurements in the pattern, but I had enough width to make it work.  I love the way that the cowl is assembled to give it a twisted look.  I absolutely love the dress with the cowl and that is how I’ve worn it so far.  I think it looks so stylish and more dressy than just a regular t-shirt dress.

Skippy pregnant

Speaking of the pocket, this dress is named after the fun Kangaroo pocket on the front.  A Joey is a baby kangaroo, right?  I thought it was very fitting since I am currently in the process of creating our own new baby!  (How I wish it would just crawl out of a pocket on the front of me when it’s ready to come into the world! Ha!)  I am 18 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby and so far this dress seems to be able to accommodate a small-ish baby belly.  I know I will be trying this pattern again next Spring when I am no longer pregnant.  It was a quick, fun sew with a very cute result.

Thanks, Toni, for the Skippy pattern and for letting me be part of your blog hop!



17 thoughts on “Make It Perfect Skippy Dress

  1. Congratulations Teri, what wonderful news!! 🙂 I’m amazed that you manage to crank out so many sewing projects while chasing after your two boys AND dealing with a new pregnancy. I’m sure I would just collapse, LOL.

    This dress is really cute and looks super comfortable, and I especially love how it looks with the cowl. It’s cool that you can just remove it for warmer weather too. I just ordered some Laguna jersey for the first time, so I’m glad to hear you like working with it!


    1. Thanks, Carolyn! It might not have looked like it but I majorly lost my sewing mojo this summer. I was nauseous for about 8 weeks straight and doing much of anything was a major chore. I am very blessed to have my parents and my husband’s parents close by and they help me a lot. I am thankful that I am feeling better and enjoying sewing again.

      I think you’ll like the Laguna Jersey. It’s my favorite knit to work with. It’s a good weight, washes well, and has just the right amount of stretch.


  2. Congratulations! I was thinking how lovely the dress looked but that it perhaps wasn’t for those of us with a bit of belly, then I read that yours is only accentuated due to your passenger!
    It’s a great dress, and yep kangaroos have it sorted (if they change their mind due to harsh conditions they can put that baby on hold and arrest it’s development until a more suitable time comes along. Clever huh?!)


  3. Hey, congratulations!!! I’m just getting caught up and reading this news! You look great, and from this distance, I saw no loss of sewjo this summer – you’ve been sewing up a storm! I love that Laguna jersey too – I bought some for a shirt and shorts for Joe and they have held up great. I need more, maybe for a t-shirt for me!

    So pleased at your news! Glad you’re feeling better now and into your “magical second trimester” otherwise known as “the time when you feel less horrible than the other times.” 😉 Hang in there! Can’t wait to see some maternity sewing!


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