Me Made May 2015 Roundup

I can’t believe Me Made May 2015 is over! This was my second year participating and it was so much fun. I love scanning Instagram each day in May to see what everyone is wearing. Of course my list of patterns I want to sew has grown and grown!

My pledge this year was to wear 1 me made item each day, which I achieved. As I got farther into the month I decided to try for no full outfit repeats, which I also achieved. As usual, the weather in Chicagoland was all over the place so I did get a little nervous when I’d worn all of my Linden sweatshirts before the month was half over, but I managed to find other things to wear on those not so warm days.

Here are the images of what I wore each day this month. I accidentally had my photo taken with a banana on day 1 and then decided to try to pose with different fruits and veggies each day. I had a good streak going but gave up mid-way through the month.

week 1

Day 1– Cropped Linden with added bands (unblogged)

Day 2– Liesl + Co Everyday skirt in chambray

Day 3– Fancy Tiger Sailor Top

Day 4– Tessuti Patterns Ruby Top

Day 5– Linden Sweatshirt

Day 6– Day Tripper Top

Day 7– Seamwork Bristol Skirt (unblogged)

Day 8– Pirate Ship Everyday Skirt

Day 9– Linden Sweatshirt

week 2

Day 10– Marianne Maxi Dress

Day 11– Linden Sweatshirt (unblogged)

Day 12– Black Hudson pants

Day 13– Marianne top

Day 14– Extraordinary Girl Top (refashioned from maternity)

Day 15– Carol Tee

Day 16– Inari Tee and Everyday Skirt

Day 17– Black Plantain Tee (unblogged)

Day 18– Washi Tunic

Day 19– Day Tripper Top

Day 20– Lane Raglan

Day 21– Zsalya Top

Day 22– Lisa Top and Poolside tote

Day 23– Juniper Jersey and Navy Hudson Pants

Day 24– Tessuti Patterns Lisa Dress

Day 25– Sewaholic Rae Skirt

Day 26– Inari Tee

Day 27– Cabana Striped Everyday Skirt (unblogged)

week 4

Day 28– Briar Tee and Thurlow Shorts

Day 29– Briar Tee (unblogged)

Day 30– Archer Button Up (to be blogged soon!)

Day 31– Day Tripper Top

There were quite a few old favorites that didn’t come out this year because I am not back to my pre-pregnancy self. It is exciting that some of my old clothes are starting to fit– especially my Thurlow shorts. I was so excited when I got those buttoned!  The Linden Sweatshirt is a workhorse in my wardrobe.  It was hard not to repeat them after I wore them all, but I remembered how much I love my two long sleeve Day Tripper tops. It may be time to make another one of those. I also need some more basic solid color tees for layering. I made a short sleeved black plaintain and I plan to make them in white and gray.

Also, jeans. I wear jeans a lot and I only have one pair that fits right now. And they fit badly. I have a bunch of summer sewing plans but in the next month or so I want to get working on making a muslin for the Ginger jeans. I am really excited (and a little nervous!) to sew my own jeans, but as long as my sewing machine is game I know I can do it!


12 thoughts on “Me Made May 2015 Roundup

  1. OMG you made an Archer!! Looking forward to hearing all about it. 🙂 Congrats on another great MMM. I didn’t take daily photographs but really enjoyed seeing what everyone else was wearing.


  2. Wow, Terri, so many lovely, unblogged items yet to come. You have such a great’ MeMade wardrobe, I especially liked seeing all the beautiful fabrics you’ve used, laid out like this 🙂


  3. Your Archer looks awesome- can’t wait to read about it. And you have so many great t-shirts… I discovered that’s what’s missing from my wardrobe.


    1. Thanks, Meg! I hadn’t really considered how many knit tops I actually do have. They are definitely the easiest thing to throw on these days. And it’s really easy to make a new tee when I have limited sewing time.


  4. You had a fantastic month!! I enjoyed seeing your pics on Instagram and yes, you have a great handmade wardrobe! It can only get better! 🙂


  5. Teri your outfits were great!! I’m with you in that I kind of wish I had a Linden for every day the month! I loved seeing your daytrippers too! Your Gingers are going to be great – don’t worry! If you can make an Archer, you can make jeans!


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