Lago Tank with 110 Creations

Hi friends! I recently did a fun collaboration with Beth of 110 Creations and I wanted to show you my new tank. Beth has an Etsy shop where she sells files for vinyl heat transfers. She had the idea to do a blog post round-up of some great free sewing patterns that would be perfect showcases for her transfers. She approached me about sewing one of the patterns and I was excited to be able to take part.

My only problem was that I don’t have a vinyl cutting machine. It’s definitely something I’d love to get in the future but currently, if I want to put something on the front of a t-shirt or sweatshirt I’m limited to applique or freezer paper stenciling. Beth was kind enough to provide me with the actual cut vinyl (and she has a few of those in her shop available to purchase for those of us with no cutting machine) so that I could participate.

I chose to sew the Itch to Stitch Lago tank, which I’ve had my eye on for a while. I like the relaxed fit of this tank a lot. I’m definitely kicking myself that I didn’t try this pattern sooner! (It’s available in sizes 0-20, up to 46.25″ bust and 48.25″ hip.) I’ve made two now and I’m sure I’ll make a couple more before Summer is in full swing.

It was a little nerve-wracking when I got to the part of applying the transfer. Beth included instructions for me and they were great! I foud I had to put a little bit of muscle into certain areas of the transfer, which may have been caused by the fact that my ironing board padding is pretty smushed in areas. I just kept my iron on those areas until I could peel away the film without taking the transfer with it. All in all, it was very easy!

Isn’t the transfer cute? Beth had this one in her shop but it was in a rectangular shape, I think. I asked her if she could make the leopard hearts in the shape of a heart, which was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I’m so happy that she was able to modify it for me!

I know this tank is going to be a Summer favorite! Thanks for having me be part of your blog post, Beth!



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