Railroad Striped Greer Overalls

Hi friends! I made myself some new linen Greer overalls last weekend and they are just the perfect thing for Summer. I’m absolutely wishing I had more linen in my stash that isn’t stashed with a specific project in mind so that I could make another pair of these right away.

This is my second Greer jumpsuit made as shorts. The first one never made it to the blog because they were too slim in the legs. They fit me, I suppose, but I really wanted something that was nice and loose for those Summer days when you don’t want your clothes to really touch you that much. So I knew I wanted to make another pair with some adjustments.

I love wearing all of the Carolyn shorts that I made last Summer and they are nice and loose in the leg. I took my Greer pattern and put the Carolyn shorts over them and used them as a guide to widen the leg. I had to widen everything from the upper hip down to blend the seams nicely. I wasn’t sure if I was widening the legs too much, but I figured I could always take them in if I needed to.

Turns out that my adjustments were just perfect, especially in this soft, drapey linen. The fit is just what I was hoping for! Yay!

Other than widening the legs I only made one adjustment, and that was to the straps. My failed pair of Greer shorts had the tie straps but I decided I like the button front, overall style straps more. This way I don’t have to worry about tying the ties the same length on both sides. I cut the straps a few inches longer than the pattern piece and I cut them 4″ wide so that they finish at about 1″ wide. I adjusted the straps to the right length once I was to the point that I could try them on. I think I cut off more than the few inches I added to the length, so that part probably wasn’t necessary after all.

The linen is the mid-weight laundered linen from I See Fabrics that I got during a recent sale. I’ve used their linen before and been really happy with it. This black and cream stripe is really fun and it’s such a good weight for these overalls. I used some Rifle Paper Co rayon scraps to finish the edges– I love those secret pops of fun fabric on the inside of handmade garments.

I love my Greer overalls so much! They’re perfect with t-shirts and tanks (like this Hey June Durango tank I’m wearing with them here.) I know I’ll be wearing these on repeat until it’s too cold for shorts.

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Railroad Striped Greer Overalls

  1. Ah this whole outfit is summer cuteness, Teri 🤩🤩🤩🤩 And is there anything that doesn’t look good in railroad stripes? I love your strap closure hack too.


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