Gray Floral Small Bow Washi Tunic


Well, I did it again.  I made another Washi.  Last week during One Week One Pattern I decided that I should make one more tunic so I would have a Washi for every day of the week.  A friend of mine asked me to make her a tie-neck Josephine top and she picked out this fantastic Lotta Jansdotter fabric.  Thankfully at the time I had the good sense to order some extra and it was just enough to make this Washi tunic.

I did my standard modifications on this top– made a medium graded to a large at the hips and scooped out the front armholes a bit to account for my forward shoulders.  I decided to cut the skirt portion between the tunic and dress cutting lines so it would be a little bit more full, but not as full as the dresses are.  I also raised the neckline an inch on this one.  It’s the first time I’ve done that and I am glad I did.  I am always a fan of higher necklines and this is still plenty scooped.


I added the small bow from the Washi expansion pack.  The front bodice is not cut on the fold for this version so it gave me a chance to practice my pattern matching.  I ended up getting the middle flower matched perfectly!  Of course the bow kind of covers it up, but I know that big flower is under there.


Instead of using elastic thread in the back I used the casing option from the expansion pack.  I sewed a seam down the middle of the casing and used two 3/8″ pieces of elastic instead of one piece that’s an inch wide.  I had to go back after washing this top and add some length to the elastic because it felt a little tight.  Does elastic shrink?  It never occurred to me to pre-wash it, but the top felt fine before washing.  It was a little annoying to have to unpick one of the side seams and lengthen the elastic, but of course I wanted the top to be comfortable so I’m glad I took the time to do it.

At some point I do want to try a Washi with sleeves, but I like being able to layer this with a cardigan.  And now I am really going to start some Fall sewing!   I am excited to try to tackle the Archer pattern this fall and have a few other things that will be great for cooler weather!



One Week One Pattern 2014

I made a spur of the moment decision this past Saturday morning to take part in One Week One Pattern.  It’s a challenge where participants wear items made from one pattern of their choosing every day for a week.  I’m not sure why I waited until the last minute to jump on board considering I already had 6 versions of one pattern hanging in my closet… betcha can’t guess which one??  Of course, it’s the Washi! Continue reading

Dotty Chambray Washi Dress


I know I’ve posted about lots of Washi Dresses, but I realized this week I haven’t shared my favorite one yet.  I made this dress last fall and it’s gotten a lot of wear.  I made it from the famous dotted chambray from Robert Kaufman’s Chambray Union collection.  I really love this fabric.  It’s lightweight and perfect for this pattern.  You really can’t go wrong with chambray, in my humble opinion.


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