Cowboy Sleepover Pajamas // Kids Clothes Week


I made two pairs of my favorite Sleepover Pajamas from Oliver + S for Luke this past week during Kids Clothes Week.  I’ve only managed to get one of them photographed on him.  The photos really aren’t that great because I took them in the evening after bath time and our house really has the worst lighting ever.  It’s a challenge to get a 4 year old boy interested in doing a fashion show and having a photoshoot during the day time when the light is better.  Continue reading

Sheriff Woody Costume // Kids Clothes Week


This is the first year where Luke had an opinion about what he wanted to be for Halloween.  He decided that he wanted to be Sheriff Woody from Toy Story, which I was excited about because Woody’s outfit is pretty basic.  He wears a yellow window-pane plaid shirt, a red bandana, a cow print vest, and jeans.  I have had the Art Museum vest pattern for a while and had never gotten around to making it.  The only thing I didn’t have was a pattern for a boy’s button down shirt. Continue reading