Split Hem Jarrah Sweatshirt

Hi again, friends! I’m back with yet another heart appliqued thing– this time it’s the Jarrah sweatshirt from Megan Nielsen Patterns.

I’ve made lots of Jarrah sweatshirts/t-shirts since the pattern was released. This was my sixth time using the pattern! I really love the fit and the various options included in the pattern.

However, this was my first time making a really big, dumb cutting error. It’s all my fault, because I was too lazy to trace off the straight hem, hip length view of the pattern. I made the view with the longer curved hems and I’ve just been folding the bottom portion of the pattern piece each time I want to make the straight hem view.

Well, this time, I folded the front piece in the wrong place, without realizing it. I used one of the folds that were on the pattern piece from when I stored it (folded up) in a manilla folder. Unfortunately, that fold was 2″ higher than where I meant to cut. I didn’t realize I’d done it until the applique was done, the neckband and sleeves were on, and I was getting ready to sew the side seams.

I was soooooo sad/annoyed/frustrated when I realized what I’d done. This sweatshirt would be REALLY cropped if I cut it 2″ shorter all around. I thought about just piecing some extra fabric on the front but knew that would probably look weird.

Then I had the idea to add a split hem band, which totally saved my sweatshirt! I cut the back of the bodice shorter so that it was the same length as the front. Then I re-cut my hem bands and made them longer so that some of the missing length from the bodice was transferred to the bands.

I cut the back band even longer so that it would end up 1″ longer than the front. I really like that slight high-low look on this boxy sweatshirt. In fact, I’m so happy with how this turned out that I’m actually glad I made the cutting mistake! I don’t think I would have figured out how to sew this partially connected split hem band if I hadn’t bungled my cutting.

If you’re interested in how to sew a hem band this way, I put together a tutorial and posted it here on my IGTV. It’s not hard to sew, just difficult to explain. I figured a video would be the best way to demonstrate it. (You should be able to view the video without an Instagram account.)

The hearts on my sweater also came from Carolyn when she sent me the leopard hearts that I put on my Pixie tee. She suggested that they would look cute on oatmeal french terry… and of course, I had some in my stash. She was right, wasn’t she? I love the mustard on the oatmeal. This sweatshirt went from a big mistake to my favorite thing once I added the hem band. I’m so happy I was able to save it!!



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