Two Page Hoodies

I’m back with the last of the appliqued things… at least for the moment! I have really gotten sweatshirt sewing fever recently and these two Chalk + Notch Page hoodies were the result of that.

I’ve made two Page sweatshirts before, but I used the crew neckband add on piece for both of them. (My fitting details are in that previous post, FYI.) This was my first time making the pattern with hoods. I am pretty sure this was the first time I’ve put a hood on anything that wasn’t a jacket. I have no idea what I was waiting for! I love these with the hoods!

The first one is made from french terry that is a tencel blend. I originally got it from Imagine Gnats, but they closed at the beginning of this year. It’s such a pretty icy mint color and the fabric is sooooo soft.

I had intended to leave this sweatshirt plain, but as I was cutting it out I got Emily Ley’s monthly newsletter. I love her newsletters because they always include pretty new wallpapers for your phone screen. The newsletter for October also included 3 stencils that were meant to be used as templates to carve pumpkins. I looked at those three cute designs and I saw appliques!

So, I immediately grabbed some fabric scraps and my trusty heat n bond and put that fun bee on the front of my sweatshirt. I’m smitten! I think the ivory against the mint color is pretty and I’m happy that I had enough fabric to make a coordinating drawstring for the hood.

Once I finished that hoodie, it was very clear to me that I needed another. I’ve been reaching for that sweatshirt whenever it’s clean. I had a gift card to Surge Fabric shop that was leftover from my birthday so I ordered 2 yards of their navy cotton/spandex french terry.

Since I’ve been wanting a basic, navy hooded sweatshirt for a while I decided to leave this one plain. The only change I made was to use the split hem modification that I just talked about with my Jarrah sweatshirt.

I cut the hem bands one inch taller than the pattern pieces, just so there would be a little bit more room for the split. I left the top 1 1/8″ sewed closed and the rest of the band is split open. It’s a fun little detail and I think I may have trouble ever sewing a non-split band again!

These two hoodies are so comfortable and cozy! I have a pretty large handmade sweatshirt collection at this point so I should be set for the fall and winter… although the Page hoodie is such a quick, fun sew that I can’t promise I’m done with the pattern yet. I’m thinking I’d love one in a rust color… and probably a basic gray!



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