More Carolyn Shorts and a Jarrah Sweater

It’s pretty safe to say that I’m really into the Closet Core Patterns Carolyn pajama shorts as regular shorts this Summer. I am back with 2 more pairs to show you, plus I have one more I haven’t photographed and another pair half finished. I love them so much that I dug into my stash and pulled out one of my post precious pieces of fabric for these!

Like the black pair of Carolyn shorts I shared recently, this blue pair is made from Tencel. It’s a crosshatch tencel denim (or maybe actually a chambray?) from Blackbird Fabrics that I previously used for a York pinafore. That dress is one of my favorite things to wear because the fabric is so amazing. I was beginning to feel like it was a big shame to keep my remaining yardage locked away in my stash when I could be wearing it and loving it.

I made these the same as my black tencel pair, but this time I lengthened them another 1/2″. I think these are now 2 3/4″ longer than the way the pattern is drafted. (I also integrated the cuff into the bottom hem so that it’s not a separate piece. These are finished with a regular hem.)

Actually, I did make one more change with these. I really like the look of a drawstring when I front-tuck my shirts, but sometimes I don’t want the bulk if I’m wearing my shirt untucked. This time around I added buttonholes in the front for a drawstring, but I made the drawstring just long enough to tie into a bow for a faux-drawstring. It’s not long enough to go all the way around the waistband. Now when I want the drawstring I can thread it from one buttonhole directly to the other and tie it in a bow. If I don’t want it I can pull it right out and try not to lose it for next time I do want it. Yay!

I also made myself a Megan Nielsen patterns Jarrah sweatshirt and a pair of matching knit Carolyn shorts. Have you ever used the knit from I See Fabrics? I’d gotten to use it recently but it was for some contract work so the items I made with it weren’t for me. Getting to see, touch, and sew that fabric in person was enough to make me long for some of my own. Not long after that they had a sale so I ordered some of the cotton/spandex french terry and matching rib in the color roseclay.

Blush pink is one of my favorite colors but I always forget how close it can be to my skin color. This fabric is REALLY similar to my skin so hopefully it’s evident that I am actually wearing clothes! The french terry is lovely– soft, stretchy, and has washed really nicely so far. I love that they carry ribbing that matches the fabrics perfectly. I ordered 3 yards of the french terry and a yard of the ribbing. I’ve made these two piecesfor myself, a pair of similar shorts for my 6 year old daughter, and I still have some leftover. My daughter is asking for a sweatshirt so I may use the leftovers for a mini Jarrah for her. Oftentimes she doesn’t wear what I make her but she has worn her roseclay shorts so that might be a good omen for a sweatshirt.

This is my 7th iteration of the Jarrah sweater pattern. I just love the fit so much! I cropped this one, lengthened the bands, and added a split hem band. I went into more details on that process here— this roseclay Jarrah is made the same as the one the appliqued hearts. The first time I made it cropped with the split hem band was because of a cutting error but I love that sweatshirt so much that I did it on purpose here. I went up one size from all of my other Jarrahs to make a 12 at the bust graded to a 14. I love how it fits!

To modify the Carolyn shorts for a knit I went down one size from my normal woven fabric size. I also trimmed the seam allowance down on the pattern to be 3/8″ instead of 5/8″, which is a pretty standard seam allowance for knits. This was a brilliant idea from my sewing friend Carolyn who previously modified these shorts for a knit.

I subbed in the Hudson pants pockets so that I could use some of the matching ribbing on the pocket detail. I also used the ribbing for the waistband. These shorts are super comfortable and they will be in heavy rotation this Summer!



5 thoughts on “More Carolyn Shorts and a Jarrah Sweater

  1. Love your Carolyn shorts!
    Can you explain how you integrated the cuff into the bottom hem? (And is this only doable if the fabric is the ‘same’ on both sides, ie not printed on only one side?)


    1. Hi Lori! Integrating the cuff will work even if your fabric has a definite right and wrong side. I’ll try to explain it but if it helps I can take photos of my process and put it in a blog post. First I marked the 5/8” seam allowance on the top of the cuff piece and the bottom of the shorts. I taped them together so that those seam lines were right on top of each other. Then I actually trimmed off 1/8” of the bottom of the cuff so that when I hemmed it I didn’t turn it up by a full 5/8” and instead folded it by 1/2”— you could even trim off 1/4” so that the first turn is 3/8”. Once you’ve taped the pieces together at the seam lines you can cut the pieces as one pattern piece for from and one for back. To hem you do the first fold at 1/2” or 3/8”, depending on how you trimmed the bottom of the pattern piece. Then do a second fold at the notches (1.5”, I think), topstitch, and they are done!


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