Lander Shorts and Willow Tank

Hi again! I am back with my tester version of the new release from True Bias, the Lander Pant and Short.  It’s a high waisted style that comes in 3 lengths. It has an exposed button fly, and patch pockets on the front and back. I tested the shorts, despite being so in love with the ankle length. If I’d had enough fabric on hand I absolutely would have made that view knowing that we were on the way into Fall and my shorts wouldn’t get a whole lot of wear before Summer ended.

I am always excited when Kelli from True Bias is working on a new pattern. Her patterns tend to push me out of my comfort zone just a little bit. I remember when I tested the Emerson pant thinking that I wasn’t sure I could pull off the wide leg cropped pants. Now it’s all I want to wear. I wasn’t sure how I would look in the slight cocoon shape of the Lodo dress, but my two Lodo dresses are wardrobe favorites. I have been VERY slow to come around the high waisted pant trend so I was wondering how much I would wear the Lander shorts after I made them. It turns out the only thing holding me back from wearing them is the fact that it’s now too cool here for shorts.

I loved sewing these shorts. Since I made my first pair of Morgan jeans I became a total button fly convert. They sew up so quickly and are really easy to do. This was my first exposed button fly and I love how it looks! I am really into the look of the big front and back patch pockets, too. It’s such a challenge to see any details in photographs of black clothes but the photos that are on the True Bias website show off the details a lot better.



I am all over the place on the True Bias size chart and I’m never quite sure whether to grade to a size 14 or 16 in the hips. This pattern has 1″ seam allowances on the side seams so there is room to adjust for fit. I decided to cut a 10 graded to a 14 and when I got to the step of sewing up the side seams I basted them first to check how they fit. They were a little snug so I gave myself an extra 1/8″ of the seam allowance, which made the shorts 1/2″ bigger in circumference.  I made no other fitting changes other than lengthening them by 2.5″ and I’m really pleased with the fit!

One of the challenges of being a pear-shaped person and trying to wear high waisted pants is that they are a little bit of a wrestling match to get over my hips. Once I get them up they feel fine but the process of putting them on is sort of hilarious. This particular black twill doesn’t have a lot of give to it at all and I’m getting a little bit of pulling at the front crotch. I also have my typical drag lines on the back of the leg. Kelli scooped out the front and back crotch on the final pattern which I am anxious to try. I think I will probably lengthen the back crotch on my next pair to see if I can get rid of some of the draglines.

As soon as I made these I knew I needed to make a cropped Willow tank to go with them. I was inspired by Kelly from Cut Cut Sew to add a center back seam to the tank for some visual interest. This is my second Willow tank and I’m still working out the fit a little bit. I definitely need to raise the darts by at least 1/2″ on my next one. The darts seem to be lower on this tank than on my first version. I can’t decide if it’s worth the time, but I’m sort of considering doing a bunch of unpicking to angle them up. I used my fancy birthday linen from The Fabric Store so I’m pretty bummed that it didn’t turn out perfectly. But since it uses such a small amount of fabric I might just get more eventually and make a second one. The chances of me keeping this shirt white all the way until next Summer are pretty slim, now that I think about it.

At any rate, I love how the cropped tank looks with the high waist of the Lander shorts! I’ve got some Olive twill waiting in the wings to become the ankle-length Lander pant. I am excited about wearing them this fall. I definitely have tees that I can tuck in, but I’d love to come up with some cute cropped things with sleeves to wear with them. Maybe a cropped Ebony tee? Any other suggestions?

If you are interested, the Lander pattern is 20% off until Sunday, Sept 10 with the code LANDERLAUNCH. I think this is a great pattern to try if you’ve never made pants before. The instructions are really detailed and thorough and you’ll end up with a great looking pair of shorts or pants!




15 thoughts on “Lander Shorts and Willow Tank

  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love the black shorts and the white linen tank together. You are your own worst critic, you know. The tank looks just fine to me. The darts are not something anyone else would notice, but if it is going to keep you from enjoying your tank, then by all means fix it. I love high waisted anything. I definitely have a pear shape, and I think they are flattering to most people. I find they give that hour glass shape definition that I like. I will be glad when there are more high waisted options out there. I don’t like my belly rolling over the waistband of a lower rise. My mother taught me to put a longer zipper in my pants because my hips are so much bigger than my waist, so maybe you could lengthen the fly a bit on your next pair. It makes a big difference!


    1. Becky, thank you so much for your comment! I know I never would have thought to make the fly longer on the next pair– that is such a good idea. I am absolutely going to do that! I’m definitely coming around to high waisted styles but I still love my low rise pants, too. You are so right that I am my own worst critic. I’m sure no one will notice the dart so I am going to let it be and just modify my pattern for the next time I make it.


  2. so very cute! love seeing the shorts version, I’m sewing the cropped pants ASAP!!
    A thought on the willow dart – it is so horizontal, you might try changing the angle to end a little higher (I did this on mine…).


    1. Thank you, Coco! I think you’ll love this pants pattern– it will look so good on you! I am definitely going to modify my Willow dart for next time. I moved it up slightly but I need to angle it up more next time. I think that will solve the problem.


  3. What a great outfit! I love the back seam in the tank, I think it elevates the piece though it never would have thought to do it. The shorts are a great staple, too. I’m looking forward to seeing your pants!


    1. Thanks, Masha! I don’t think I ever would have thought to add the center back seam, either. As soon as I saw Kelly’s version with the seam I knew I wanted to try it. I can’t wait to sew my pants after I get done with a few other projects I need to sew first. They sew up pretty quickly so I’m hoping to get to them this month!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I love the front patch pockets, too. It’s a fun detail along with the exposed button fly. Kelli said she was inspired by a pair of vintage boy scout shorts she had in high school. I loved that story!


  4. I just bought the Lander and am thinking that the new Grainline Hadley would be a good top to go with these pants….. Your shorts look great!


    1. Thanks, Inder! I have some fabric to make the longer pants… I just have to get some time to do it. Although, this weekend it’s supposed to be really hot here again so I may get at least one more chance to wear them this year. Hooray!


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