2017 Sewing Highlights and 2018 Sewing Goals

For the last three years I’ve been keeping a log of everything that I sew during the calendar year. It’s really fun to go back and look through it at the end of the year and think back on sewing each item on the list. Somehow last year I sewed an even 100 items! At the beginning of last year I decided I wanted 2017 to be the year that I focused on jackets and pants. Specifically non-elastic waist pants/shorts.

I’d purchased the Kelly Anorak pattern sometime in 2016– probably immediately following the release of the pattern, so I assumed that I would make that in the Spring of 2017. But those plans changed when I got the opportunity to test the Hampton Jean Jacket pattern. I was a little bit freaked out to take on that project but also really excited to think that I could make a jean jacket fit to my body.

It turned out to be an incredibly exciting, fulfilling, confidence boosting sewing project. Really, every single seam and line of topstitching made me giddy as I saw the jacket come together. I still feel an incredible amount of pride in that jacket and I love wearing it. That was the first time I made welt pockets using Alina’s method and that was also when I stopped feeling scared of welt pockets. Now I think they’re fun to sew!

Not long after I’d made my Hampton jacket I decided it was time to tackle some pants, so I made two pairs of Chi Town Chinos. I made two that were essentially the same but I tried some different adjustments on each pair to work on my back leg wrinkles. They aren’t perfect, but they are some good looking pants that I made myself and they fit way better than what I would buy in a store.

Morgan Jeans 3

Chi Town Shorts 1

I made myself two pairs of Chi Town Chino shorts, Morgan jeans, Morgan jean shorts, Lander shorts, Ginger jeans (that I haven’t blogged yet, but I will eventually since I solved a weird inseam issue that plagued me with my first pair), and Lander pants. That is 7 pairs of non-elastic waist pants/shorts! Woo! I also made my fair share of pants/shorts with elastic waists, too.

I did finally get to the Kelly Anorak in September and my first one was super challenging to make since I had lots of thread issues. But similarly to my Hampton Jean Jacket, I loved sewing that pattern. My anorak looks so professional and I have to hold myself back from telling unsuspecting strangers that I made it whenever I wear it. And I loved it so much I made a second one immediately after I finished the first!

My year of jackets and pants was a rousing success! I made quite a few other things that I loved and wear repeatedly, like my Inari dress hack, my Burnside bibs, my Forsythe dress, my Alder shirtdress, and my Wonderland rayon Trevi top.

I stretched myself further by making my first v-neck on a Pony tank that hasn’t made it to the blog yet. And, I sewed 3 bras! (Two were commissioned– one was for me and it didn’t quite fit but I want to keep trying and see if I can improve the fit.) I’m excited to try sewing undies this year, which isn’t something I thought I would really ever do.

I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2018 and my number one is to sloooooooow down. The recent episode of the Love To Sew podcast featuring Emily from In The Folds really struck a chord with me. A lot of my sewing last year was done because I was up against a pattern testing deadline or some sort of blog post deadline or just some weird self imposed deadline. There probably wasn’t much that was made slowly with the intention of just enjoying the process.

I don’t need another 100 items in my closet (although not all 100 things were for me. I do sample sewing for Indiesew, some commissioned sewing, some for my kids, etc.) I’m ready to try to take my time on projects this year and use the fabrics that are in my stash. I want to sew more for my daughter now that she is interested in clothes and wants to wear a dress everyday! I want to see if I can remember (or possibly relearn) how to knit. (And non-crafting related, I want to read at least 10 books this year. I love to read but when I have time to do things I almost always choose sewing.)

I’ve decided to make 2018 the year of the Shirt and the Shirtdress. I made two versions of the Kalle pattern in 2017 but I didn’t make a proper button down shirt with sleeves all year. My last one was in 2016 and I cut a hole in it right after I finished it. It’s time to redeem myself! I want to make a couple of Archers and I want to try the Classic Shirt pattern from Liesl + Co. I would love another Alder dress, maybe the non-ruffle version this time. I have the Megan Nielsen Matilda dress and the Named Patterns Helmi dress waiting to be sewn. I have fabric for these projects, too! I am planning/trying to keep my fabric buying very minimal this year.

I’d love to hear about your proud sewing moments in 2017! Have you set any sewing goals for 2018?

Thanks to all of you who read my blog last year and left comments for me. I love hearing from you and knowing that you take the time to follow along on my sewing adventures!


12 thoughts on “2017 Sewing Highlights and 2018 Sewing Goals

  1. WOW! That’s a lot of sewing, and I am duly impressed. I didn’t sew much this last year due to personal issues, but you have kept me engaged by reading your blog. I do really enjoy your blog, Teri. I hope 2018 is another great year of sewing adventures for you. And maybe I will be able to get back to my machines soon. I hope so!


    1. Thanks, Becky! It IS a lot of sewing and I am hoping to cut my projects in half this year. It already feels good to take my time on my current project. I’m so glad you found my blog— I always love when you leave comments. I hope you are able to get back to your machines this year, too!


  2. You are such an inspiration! Great year! And I agree about slowing down. That’s my goal too. There are so many good books out there and many are great on audio too which works well for me when I am taping pattern pieces and cutting things out.


  3. Great year of sewing!! Practically every item i would happily steal (or copy 🙂) for my own wardrobe. I miss the days when I could easily knock out 100 items a year… these days I’m lucky to get 20! I think I may try sewing bras and undies this year. I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not I should bother, but the small projects feel really appealing at the moment! Here’s to another year of sewing!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I think it will feel really good to slow down this year, even though the temptation to sew a million things still exists. I think bra sewing is pretty fun and I’d like to keep experimenting to see if I can find a pattern I like. Hopefully undies will work out well for me. I am always excited to see what you make— even 20 is amazing considering that you work and have 4 kids!


    1. Thanks, Erin! I have lots of help from both of our families, which is the only way that much sewing can happen. But I’m not planning to make that many things in a year again! My house definitely suffers, haha.


    1. Thanks, Inder! I think you are one of my longest term blog readers and I am always so happy to read your comments. I never would have expected to sew some of these things back when I started my blog and it’s been so amazing to challenge myself with bigger projects. I love seeing your sewing, too— you inspire me with all you make for your kids. I am hoping to sew more for my kids this year, too!


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