Jarrah Tees

Hello! I’m excited to finally have photos of these two Jarrah tees so I made months ago. These were easily my two favorite things to wear this past winter. I knew I loved the Megan Nielsen Jarrah sweater made in sweatshirt fleece and french terry, and I love it just as much made up in a basic cotton/spandex jersey as an oversized, boxy tee.

I made this navy one after I saw a Boden sweatshirt that had “oh yeah” appliqued on the front. I shamelessly copied it, using the tutorial I wrote for applique that is posted on the Hey June blog.

The Boden inspiration is a raglan sleeved sweatshirt, but I loved the idea of making it with the Jarrah since I love the high hip length and the wide, boxy shape of the bodice.

I cut a size 10 at the bust, graded to a 12 at the bottom. I lengthened the body 1/2″ and lengthened the sleeves 1.25″, 1/2″ of that at the lengthen shorten line and 3/4″ at the end of the sleeve. I didn’t make any notes about it, but I think I narrowed the sleeve cuffs a little bit, too.

My applique is a fun leopard print quilting cotton. When I first started sewing on the letters, I forgot to put tear away stabilizer behind the applique and the process was going very badly. I am so glad I didn’t get too far into it before I realized my mistake. Trying to applique on a knit is much easier when the back of it is stabilized so the fabric doesn’t stretch during stitching.

I love this tee sooooo much and I’ve worn it on repeat since I made it. I love the fit, I love the applique!

Since I was wearing the blue one so much I decided that I needed to make another one right away. I had some heather gray cotton/spandex jersey in my stash and I used that for a second Jarrah tee.

I loved the idea of embellishing it somehow, so I decided to hand embroider a little design on it. I found this cherry design on the DMC embroidery website– they have a huge library of hand embroidery designs that are free. It’s a great resource!

The embroidery was a bit frustrating, since the tear away stabilizer I used on the back ripped a bunch while I was stitching. The fabric was getting distorted each time I moved my embroidery hoop. I think it still turned out pretty cute but I’ve learned about a DMC product called Magic Paper that I’m going to try next time I want to do hand embroidery on a knit. I’m hoping it will stabilize the fabric better than what I used on this tee.

I love how this Jarrah looks with my olive green Dawn jeans. I’ve also been wearing it with Hudson pants a lot during our home quarantine for a cute and very comfortable outfit. These have both been very well-loved since I made them!




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