Flutter Sleeve Union St Tee and Morgan Shorts

Hello! Recently I made myself a new outfit that I completely love and that was heavily inspired by my friend, Heidi. Heid and I are long-distance sewing friends and workout buddies. We are both stay at home moms to two boys and a girl and I’d say our style is pretty similar. This is certainly not the first time that I’ve copied something Heidi has made and I know it won’t be the last time. Like they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

A while back, Heidi made a Hey June Union St tee and she swapped in the flutter sleeves from the Amalfi dress. I loved her flutter sleeve tee and I knew I wanted to make one of my own. I used some fabric that I had leftover from a Minerva project (coming soon to their blog!) and it worked perfectly!

I haven’t actually made the Amalfi dress yet, but I had the pattern so I just printed out the sleeve pattern piece to use for my tee. This change to the Union St tee could be made just by slashing and spreading the sleeve piece from the t-shirt pattern, too. (Here is an article from Threads Magazine for how to adjust an existing sleeve pattern to make it a flutter sleeve.)

Before I cut my sleeve I decided to measure the armscye of the Union St tee to see if it was close to the same length as the sleeve cap on the Amalfi. I found that there was enough difference between the two that I trimmed off some length from the sleeve.

I took it off where the sleeve straightens at the underarm, where the two ends would be sewn together at the underside of the sleeve. I think I took off about 2″ so that I wouldn’t have to ease so much sleeve into the armscye. It wasn’t an exact science but it worked well in the end.

I really love the flutter sleeves on this tee! It dresses it up a little but is still just an easy-wearing, loose t-shirt. I think this hack definitely works best in a knit that drapes well, like a rayon or bamboo blend. I prefer my knits with some spandex, too, for good recovery.

In the back of my head, I’ve always had this thing about how I shouldn’t wear yellow as a person with blondish hair. I’ve been getting really into mustard recently and I’ve seen lots of people with my coloring wearing it and looking great. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it… and happily, I don’t think that it makes me look dead. Yay!

After I made my t-shirt, I decided that it was time to make some shorts from this yard of olive cone mills denim that I had in my stash. I bought it quite a while ago– I think right after I made my Dawn jeans from the same fabric. It’s such great fabric. I like the color so much and it’s a really nice weight.

These shorts were also inspired by Heidi, who made some Lander shorts from the same denim. I waffled about which pattern to use for my shorts. I love my Landers, but in the end, I went with the Closet Case Morgan jeans modified to be shorts. I’d made another pair a few years ago in denim and I’ve been wearing them quite a bit since Summer arrived.

I had so much fun sewing these shorts! It was a tough choice for me on what color thread to use for topstitching– cream or gold. I took my conundrum to Instagram and cream was the winner. I did decide to add some gold bar tacks for fun pops of color, which are really only visible if you’re right up close to the shorts. I also used gold buttons and rivets, which I love on the green denim.

Topstitching is so much fun for me. I made these during May when the kids were still in quarantine home school. It was a fun project to have in the afternoons when we got finished with e-learning. I am really happy that I remembered to add one of my fun Kylie and the Machine labels to the back pocket of these shorts. It says imperfect, which describes both me and my new shorts.

I love these two things worn together and separately. I highly recommend the simple hack to the sleeves of the Union st tee. And I recommend trying a color that you’ve been scared to wear in the past– you might be pleasantly surprised like I was!






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