Sew Family Jammies // Mother Daughter Pajamas


Hi friends! I’m excited to be kicking off the blog tour for Sew Family Jammies! Have you heard about this fun challenge? It was started by Mac, one of the ladies behind Sew Altered Style. She has been sewing her family coordinating jammies for a few years now and decided that this year she’d turn it into a challenge on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s been a few years since I sewed my kids matching jammies. I think the first (and only time) I did it was 2015 when Caroline was 5 months old.

Those pajamas were big hits with the kids. After my oldest grew out of his they got passed down to his brother and then to Caroline. My boys have long outgrown those but Caroline has worked her way through all three sets. She is currently still wearing the ones I made for my oldest son, which makes me so happy! I love when something I’ve sewn gets worn by all three of my kids– and mostly the only time that happens is if I’ve made pajamas.

My boys recently got new mama made pajamas so for this challenge I decided that I’d make some matching mother/daughter jammies. I love when I get to coordinate with Caroline! I made us coordinating dresses last year and we’ve loved wearing them. Since Caroline is still in her I’m-only-wearing-pajamas stage it was perfect that I could make us matching jammies this year.

I am a huge fan of sewing pajamas! I’ve said it before here, but jammie pants were my gateway into my sewing obsession. Pajama pants are fun to sew since, for me, they generally don’t require complex fitting. I love that I can sew them in the fun quilting cotton prints that I might not use for regular clothes. And after a while, they become second nature to make and you can sew them up really quickly.

Sewing these pajamas gave me some bittersweet feelings. My two boys are at the age where they aren’t really interested in me sewing for them and they’re happy to go around in sweatpants and t-shirts all the time. They don’t even wear official pajamas to sleep in, so I barely ever sew for them anymore. With Caroline only wanting to wear pajamas I don’t sew for her all that often, either. She’ll ask me to sew things for her but then doesn’t actually want to wear the finished garment without coercion.

She does, however, still think it’s pretty cool when we match. I have a feeling the days of that being cool are probably relatively limited, but I can’t even think about that yet. When I told her that I was going to make us matching pajamas she was sooooo excited! She kept checking in on me during the process and asking if her jammies were done and if she could wear them.

I decided to go with matching raglans that could be worn as regular t-shirts or loungewear and some matching pants. I turned to two of my favorite patterns for the tops. Mine is the Lane Raglan from Hey June and Caroline’s is a mashup of the girls Waterfall Raglan from Chalk and Notch and the Nessie Top from Craftiness is Not Optional.  I wanted a little less of a swing top for Caroline’s tee and I love how the Nessie top has a nice a-line silhouette. I used the Waterfall raglan from the underarm up and the Nessie top from the underarm to the hem.

The fabric I used for our tees is a cotton/spandex jersey that I got from Fabric Wholesale Direct. I stumbled on that site during a google search and they have the best price on basic, solid-colored cotton/spandex jersey. I’ve used it for a few projects now and been really happy with it.

I very much enjoyed sewing our raglans and we’ve both been wearing them quite a bit as regular t-shirts. It really helps that she thinks her raglan is a pajama top and that she’s getting away with some big secret when she wears it to school. I’ve got to find a way to make her think anything I sew her is pajamas– that would really increase the chances that she’ll wear the thing without a fight!

I had a bit of a laundry mishap with mine where the red sleeves have bled onto the white fabric a bit. I pre-washed the red jersey twice before I cut into it and I washed the finished tee once with a color catcher before I decided I was probably in the clear… but it looks like I really wasn’t. I see pink areas on my white tee. It’s sort of sad but it’s really not going to stop me from wearing the tee.

Our pants are sewed in a buffalo plaid flannel shirting that I got from Joann fabrics. It’s fairly lightweight but still worked out really well for the pants. My pants are the Carolyn pajama pants from Closet Case patterns and Caroline’s are the Sleepover Pajamas from Oliver + S. This is the zillionth pair of pajama pants I’ve made from that pattern– I really love it so much.

I had fun adding bias-cut details to both of our pants. I cut the waistbands and cuffs on the bias, as well as the pockets on my pants. I love how it looks and it also eliminated the need for me to feel like I should have pattern-matched the plaids in those areas. I did do a little next level plaid matching on the front crotch seams. If I’d been making more than 2 pairs of pants from this fabric I definitely wouldn’t have bothered but I’m super excited about that detail (even if no one will ever notice it in real life since they are pajama pants after all!)

These pants are going to be great for wearing during our freezing cold winter. I haven’t had flannel pajama pants for a really long time and now I think I need at least one more pair. They are super cozy, even in this lightweight fabric. I need to get some of that thick Kaufman mammoth plaid and make a pair that I’d never, ever want to take off!

Here is the schedule for the rest of the Sew Family Jammies blog tour! Sierra is up next– be sure to check out her post and all of the other posts throughout the month. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has sewn and who they’ve sewn for!

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