Sheridan Sweaters

Hi! I’ve finally gotten time to sit down and talk about the two Sheridan Sweaters that I made! This is the newest pattern from Hey June and I tested the pattern back in November.

I am such a fan of Hey June patterns. They really fit into my daily life so well. I absolutely love the collection of great sweatshirts that Adrianna has in her pattern line and this one is no exception. I wear my Halifax hoodies, Tallin Sweaters, and Brunswick pullovers constantly in the fall, winter, and early spring. They are perfect for our cool/cold/freezing weather– they keep me warm and they all have great details that elevate them from being just a basic sweatshirt. (Not that there is anything wrong with just a basic sweatshirt– I have plenty of those that I love, too!)

The Sheridan Sweater is the perfect addition to my collection of Hey June sweatshirts. It’s the sweater/sweatshirt I was missing because I’d consider this to be one that is dressy enough that I can wear it to church… especially if it’s made up in stretch velvet (more on that in a second!)

This first blue Sheridan is my tester version and it’s made up in the navy cotton/poly interlock from Joann fabrics. I’ve used this fabric for Hudson pants in the past and it holds up nicely over time. This is my first time using it for a top and I really like how it turned out. It’s very soft and comfortable.

At the time of testing, there were 2 views to the pattern. The crewneck version with cuffs at the sleeves and the built-up-bateau neckline with elastic at the sleeve hems. I chose the crewneck, cuffed version. I cut a size 12 graded to a 16 at the hips. I did a 1/2″ forward shoulder adjustment and a 1″ full biceps adjustment, which are both standard adjustments for me.

Also, at the time of testing, I had long hair. I miss it now looking at these pictures!

The only change I had to make to my tester version was to take a bit of length out of the waistband. The fit of the waistband is pretty dependent on the fabric that you chose and mine was a bit loose. I wanted it to be more fitted so the bodice would blouse a bit. I basted it on and played around with it to get it to the fit I wanted.

I knew as soon as I finished the test version that I wanted to revisit the pattern quickly. I am loving the bishop sleeve trend that is happening now and so far this Sheridan is the only thing in my wardrobe with that style of sleeve.  I’d seen this sweatshirt from Andrea Jones on Instagram and couldn’t get those exaggerated cuffs out of my head.

On Black Friday, I ordered some hunter green stretch velvet from Fabric Wholesale Direct on super sale to make a copycat version of Andrea’s cool sweatshirt. It was my version of #sewfrosting this year– a glammed up sweatshirt to take me to my various holiday events!

I used the final pattern for the velvet version, and I cut it halfway between the cropped version and the regular length version. I sort of wish I’d just cut it full length now that everything is said and done. I envisioned wearing it with a high waisted skirt but mostly I keep wearing it with my Tencel Free Range slacks. The other change I made was to shorten the sleeves by 4″ and add those 4″ back to the length of the cuffs.

This fabric was super shifty to sew and it was a real challenge to get the cuffs and waistband sewn on. The waistband continues to be shifty when I’m wearing it, which I can’t do anything about now. I wonder if I had used tricot interfacing on the inside if it would have given the slippery backside of the fabric some grip so it wouldn’t slide around so much? Can’t change it now, but it’s something to consider if there is a next time with such slippery fabric.

I wore this outfit to church a few times, to my husband’s work Christmas party, and my kids’ Christmas program at school. I love that it is the most comfortable outfit that also looks pretty dressed up. It really just what I wanted this holiday season!

That photo is totally blurry, but I love those cuffs enough to use it. (This fabric was really hard to photograph and all of the detail shots ended up blurry. Ugh! Anyway, I’m looking forward to trying the bateau neckline on this pattern eventually and I may do another version with the longer cuffs. They are so fun to wear and make me feel fancier and trendier than I actually am. There are so many possibilities with all of the views that ended up on the final pattern (cropped views! bell sleeves!) that I know I’ll come back to it again in the future.



3 thoughts on “Sheridan Sweaters

  1. Great job! I love how you sew such wearable things! I always am able to envision using those patterns in my own wardrobe. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Thank you, Anna! I definitely love to sew things that are easy for me to wear in my day to day life. It’s fun to occasionally sew something that more for special occasions, too, but this type of thing that I can throw on easily with jeans or nicer pants is definitely my favorite type of garment.


  2. Sooo cute! The velvet one is really outstanding! It’s so hard to be glam in cold weather (well for me, anyway), but that nailed it.


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