Lane Raglan and Hudson Pants


About three years ago Indiesew released its very first Fall Collection. The Hey June Patterns Lane Raglan was one of the patterns included in that bundle and that’s when I made my first one. I have been meaning to make another one for approximately the last three years but somehow I never got to it. In fact, since I made my first one, Adrianna, the designer behind Hey June Patterns, revamped the pattern and released an updated version with different sleeve lengths, hem options, an optional hood, and cuffs with thumb holes.

I was drawn to the curved hem that was included in the revised pattern and had visions of making a classic baseball style raglan shirt. Recently, my Instagram friend Grace hosted a Lane Raglan sew-along on her blog. Seeing her posts was the push I needed to make sure I had downloaded the updated pattern from Indiesew and finally print it.

I made my standard Hey June size medium graded to an XL at the hips. I chose the curved hem and the 3/4 sleeve options. My Lane made from some white and gray laguna jersey that I had in my stash. I love laguna jersey for basic everyday t-shirts. It’s an easy knit to sew with and it wears/washes nicely.

I was pretty much kicking myself for waiting so long to make this once I sewed it. Raglan tees are really quick to sew.  It only took me 3 years and one afternoon to make it! I love the fit of this tee and I see a bunch more of these in my future. I’ve got some mint jersey in my stash and I think a mint and white raglan will be perfect next Spring!

After I made my Lane (and after a paint spill on my old pair) I decided to make some new black Hudson pants to go with my tee.  This is the 6th pair I’ve made for myself so they are definitely one of my tried and true patterns.  I am so happy to have this nice new pair since my older black pair had gotten to the point where they were only suitable for wearing around the house.

I know nothing about sports, which you can probably tell from these photos.  When I told my husband that I wanted to go to the ball diamond to take these pictures his response was, “Why do you want to go to the baseball field?” What can I say, this outfit makes me feel sporty! Both of our boys played baseball in our town’s rookie league last Summer and I’m pretty sure I’ve got years of being a baseball mom ahead of me. Now I can dress the part!


I love these two pieces, both together and worn separately. It’s great to have some clothes that are super comfortable and also look put together.  The Hudsons are some of the most comfortable pants ever and they are really fun to sew. The Lane Raglan is an incredible value with all of the options that are included in the pattern. If you haven’t made them yet head over to Indiesew to get your patterns! You won’t regret it!


p.s. This post is brought to you through my participation in the Indiesew blogger team. All thoughts are my own.


5 thoughts on “Lane Raglan and Hudson Pants

  1. I thought your poses were believable, Teri, but I am such a girl when it comes to sports. I was going to compliment you on your photo shoot, so let’s just go with that, ok? I love this outfit. It looks sooo comfortable and also acceptable for just about anywhere, and a great one for fall. I have been looking at the Hudson pants, but lots of reviews say it is really slim, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it. I like these very much. I may have to jump into getting this pattern. I find these sort of joggers are perfect for me at the gym. I am not into spandex very much these days! What type of fabric did you use for the Hudsons? Thanks for sharing these patterns with me.


    1. Thanks, Becky! I made these Hudson pants from a cotton/spandex jersey. I feels just a little bit heavier than the jerseys I used for my tee. I love the fit of the Hudsons but you could always adjust the leg to give yourself a little more width if you wanted to. I added a little bit of length to the back crotch to account for my full thighs. Let me know how you like them if you give them a try!


  2. I love this post!! Sounds like you and I are in the same league (ba dum bump) re baseball! I.e. I know nothing, but my husband and son are really into it. Such a cute outfit. Love the raglan all baseball-style.


    1. Haha, thanks, Inder! I’m sure I will get lots of chances to learn about all sorts of sports as my sons grow up. I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to football but I can mostly make sense of the rules of baseball and basketball. This is my new favorite outfit. I’ve worn it over and over since I made it!


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