Inari Dress Hack


The official start of Summer was yesterday… is it too early for me to say that I’ve sewn my favorite Summer item? I have been thinking about this dress for months and sewed it up a couple of weeks ago to wear to my older son’s kindergarten graduation. (Apparently, graduation from kindergarten is a much bigger deal these days than it was in the late 70s! It was completely adorable and clearly, I needed a new dress for the occasion.)


Have you seen the lovely linen dresses from Pyne & Smith Clothiers? I came upon them a while back when I fell down an Instagram rabbit hole. This amazing midi length windowpane plaid linen dress has haunted me since that day. I love that these dresses are handmade in California and I believe that the owner of the company is a woman who started sewing these dresses herself. I would love to support her business and buy one of these dresses but since I am a person who sews, and who has a lot of fabric hanging around waiting to become wearable garments, I went the route of sewing my own version of the dress.

I think that it would be possible to make a dress like this using the bodice from various sewing patterns that are available. I chose to use the Named Patterns Inari Tee Dress because the fit of the bodice and the shape of the sleeve on my inspiration dress looks so similar to the Inari. The Pyne & Smith dress bodice is undarted and so is the Inari. I had also made an Inari dress very recently and I knew I really liked the fit through the shoulders/sleeves (after many adjustments which you can read about here.)

Making the dress was incredibly simple. I chopped off the Inari pattern at my high waist, tapered it in a bit since the pattern is a cocoon shape, and added a long gathered skirt. I opted not to finish the sleeves with cuffs; instead I lengthened them a bit and did a regular hem. I also added pockets, because obviously, I needed pockets!

Since I made this dress 3 weeks ago I’ve worn it approximately every third day (or whenever it’s clean and ironed.) It is so comfortable and I adore this ikat fabric. It’s soft, lightweight, and flowy. It is the perfect alternative to shorts and a t-shirt in hot weather. After making this dress and my Tea House dress, I want to make every dress in this midi length. I’m not tripping over the hem like I sometimes do in my maxi dresses and I can easily bend over or go down the slide at the park without worrying that I’m flashing people, which is always my concern with knee-length dresses.

I would love to find some soft linen for another version of this dress. I’ve also got some rayon in my stash that I think would be great for this style, too. I would really love to make about 6 more of these and have one for every day of the week.

I hope your Summer is off to a great start! What are you sewing?



28 thoughts on “Inari Dress Hack

  1. I really like this dress, both the fabric and the shape. I, too find that dresses are much cooler to wear than shorts or capris. Looking forward to seeing what the next creation of yours will be.


    1. Thanks, Donna! I love to wear dresses and skirts in the summer but it can be tricky when running around with kids. This length of dress is great, though. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before!


  2. Love your dress! Funny, a couple of weeks ago I fell down the same Instagram rabbit hole and found Pyne & Smith too (and fell in love with everything!). Like you, I knew the designs were something I could make for myself (and add the cost of shipping to Canada!!!–I’d have to rob a bank). Thanks for sharing your hack–I have the Inari pattern; just not printed yet.


    1. Thanks, Mary! The Pyne & Smith dresses are all so pretty but out of my budget even with shipping in the US. I imagine that shipping it to Canada would be pretty outrageous! I’ll be interested to hear if you make a version, too!


  3. Really really nice!!!! I’ve been thinking of sewing a dress for summer. This is now top on my list!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!


  4. I always love reading stories like yours! Finding an inspirational piece that you love and creating your own – your dress is gorgeous! And I forgot how nice that length is until I was reading your description – not too long to trip over but long enough to bend over. I remember having that length and loving it for all those reasons! I think it would be beautiful and COOL in a floating double gauze as well 🙂


    1. Thanks, Kathleen! You are so right about the double gauze! I have a knee length dress made from double gauze and it’s one of my other favorites. If I made this dress in double gauze I’d probably never take it off!


  5. Gorgeous! I’ve always worried that a longer dress on me would look too dowdy but this looks amazing on you. I’m usually wearing frumpy workout / outdoor clothes, so I feel really uncomfortable in skirts and dresses. I may change my mind about making a longer dress, because you look so chic!


    1. Thanks, Naomi! I was a little worried about this dress looking dowdy but I was really pleased with how it looks. I think this would be a great length for you! It’s so comfortable that I think it might convert you to being a dress person!

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  6. Oh, sooooo cool! You look so lovely and breezy in this dress, and now I must have one! Also, thanks, cuz now I’m down the rabbit hole of Pyne & Smith! LOL! Such a great dress, Teri!


    1. Thanks so much, Inder! I wish I could order all of those Pyne & Smith dresses… or at least the fabric she uses so I could make my own! I’ve been searching high and low for blue and white windowpane linen and it’s nowhere to be found. I can see you loving one of these dresses– I hope you do make one for yourself.


    1. Hi Jeanette! It is a soft cotton ikat. I got it from Fancy Tiger Crafts some time last year. I think had some stock of it. If you search Indah Ikat you might be able to track some down.


  7. Love this dress! Just made two Inaris (in three days…!) and am ready to try this hack–thanks for the inspiration! Do you know roughly how much fabric you used for the skirt? Is it twice, or three times, the width of the bodice at the waist? I think you got the perfect amount of gather. Well done!


    1. Hi Jennifer! I used a little over 2x the width of the skirt. I am pretty sure my bodice pieces were around 16″ at the waist. I cut my skirt pieces about 35″ wide. Let me know if you make one like this! I’d love to see it!


  8. I love this dress! I have been looking at the P&S dresses but could really never afford one. It would be amazing if you could make a tutorial for how to make a dress like this one. Great work!


    1. Hi Heather! Since I made this dress the Hinterland dress from Sew Liberated was released and it is very similar to the P&S dresses. Have you seen that pattern? It would be the perfect place to start!


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