Driftless Cardigan and Lark Tee

Hello friends! Are any of you participating in Project Sew My Style this year? I love the idea of it and signed up to take part, but I was having second thoughts because I didn’t love all of the patterns that are included. I have quite a few patterns in my library that I love and haven’t gotten to yet, so the idea of buying patterns that I am not sure about isn’t very appealing. I am part of a Facebook group called Project Sew It (you should totally join! Last year’s goal was to just sew one item each month. It’s not really a challenge for me to do that, but I liked being part of the group and seeing what everyone else was making.) Celina, who runs the group, suggested something similar to the Project Sew It calendar but with categories each month, instead of specific patterns. January was sweater month, February is blouse month, March is bottoms, April dresses, etc. I love the flexibility of this so I jumped on board and made two sweaters this month.

I made the Tallinn sweater first, then moved on to the Driftless Cardigan from Grainline Studio. I’ve been wanting to make it since it was released, and especially now because I’m always really cold. Everyone else in my family is always so warm– my oldest son is sitting next to me now in shorts and a t-shirt. I’ve got on a long-sleeved tee, jeans, wool socks, and I have a warm toddler in my lap. I’m not freezing but if Caroline gets off my lap I will need a sweater! Anyway, this cardi looked like the perfect layer that I would never want to take off.

Back in October, I went to Michigan for a 2 day Palmer and Pletsch upper body fitting workshop at a store called Fabrications. (I went with Gail, Tasha, Sogol, and Sara, who were all so wonderful. It was such a dream to sit around knitting [embroidering in my case] and talking sewing with them!) I did some shopping in the fabric store and picked up 2 lengths of washable merino french terry. The fabric is a lovely lightweight and it is so soft. I was so excited to make the Driftless from it and I figured once it was made that I’d never want to take it off.

Well, I was right about that! I love this sweater! I went with my normal Grainline size of 10 graded to a 14 at the hips. I’ve got quite a bit of room so next time I may only grade out to a 12. I did a 3/4″ forward shoulder adjustment but the shoulder seam is actually a bit too far forward. That has never happened to me before! Next time I will only do 3/8″ or 1/2″.

My only other adjustment was to the sleeves. They looked pretty narrow and I wanted to be sure I could fit my arms and maybe a long-sleeved tee underneath. I cut the sleeve cap at a size 12, figuring I could ease it in, and then widened the upper sleeve a bit to about a 14, then back to the 10 at the cuffs. It worked out really well and now I have room to layer.

I also made two new scoop neck Lark tees and I’ve been loving wearing this short-sleeved one with my Driftless. (It was 20 degrees when we took these photos and I was freezing for the 30 seconds it took to get pictures of the tee!) The striped fabric is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. Last year I made boatneck Larks from the same fabric but with a navy stripe. I have worn them so much that I figured it was time for new ones so I don’t wear holes in the navy striped versions. I think eventually I’ll need to get the gray striped fabric, too.

I’m feeling really great about my handmade sweatshirt collection now that I’ve made the Geodesic, Tallinn, and Driftless. They are all in heavy rotation and helping keep me warm! I definitely want to make another one of these soon. I have a piece of merino jersey that would be perfect– I just have to stop being scared to cut into it!







12 thoughts on “Driftless Cardigan and Lark Tee

  1. I love that colour so much! I love the pattern too, I’m living in my Driftless at the moment (even though it’s meant to be summer here ☚ī¸). Both garments look really good on you!


    1. Thanks, Kirsten! I’ve been on a green sweater kick lately! I am sure I’ll be wearing this cardigan year round– it’s the perfect weight to throw on when I am just a little chilly (which is pretty much all the time for me!)


  2. I love the tee so much! I’m always cold too, and the sweater looks like the perfect around-the-house winter layer. It actually also reminds me of a belted cardigan I used to have, I wonder how it would look with a self-fabric tied belt.


    1. Thanks, Masha! Even though I’m not sure mustard is my best color I’ve been wearing this tee so much. I think layering it with the green helps since it is better with my skin tone. I bet this cardigan would be really cute belted! It has a little bit of a cocoon shape– it’s roomy through the waist and then tapers down slightly at the hem. I think it would be really easy to straighten that out so you wouldn’t have excess bulk if you belted it.


  3. Gorgeous makes!! I love the cardigan. It looks super cozy and that shade of green is simply perfect. The t-shirt is such a staple! I bet you will wear it all the time 🙂


    1. Thanks, Anya! Green is one of my favorite colors so I was really excited when I found this fabric. I have the same fabric is a beautiful berry color and I’m still trying to decide what to use it for. As much as I have been wearing this cardigan I may use it to make another Driftless!

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  4. I love this one too Teri! I’m with you on Sew My Style, I loved the idea, but I don’t love all the patterns, so sewing up similar ones that I do like sounds like a great answer!


    1. Thanks so much, Heather! I am enjoying planning out which patterns I might want to make each month but I like knowing I’m not locked in to anything specific. I love to make plans and then ignore them and sew whatever I feel like at the moment. Ha, ha!


  5. These are both great! They are flattering and look so comfortable and you have the fit spot on. I am sure you will get great use out of them. I totally need to try both of these patterns now that I am no longer terrified of knits 😊


    1. Thanks, Julie! You should definitely give this pattern a try! I bet it would be cute layered over one of your Isla dresses. I can’t believe you were ever scared of knits the way you’ve been cranking out versions of that pattern!


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