Denim Greer Overalls

Hi friends! Recently, I sewed myself some new overalls and thought I should dust off the old blog and show them to you!

I used the Greer Jumpsuit pattern from Hey June Handmade. I’ve made these before, essentially exactly the same pair but in a lighter colored denim. Those overalls don’t fit me anymore and it was a no-brainer for me to duplicate them. I wore those so much and I am so happy to have a replacement pair back in my rotation.

On my first pair, I modified the straps so that there is one strap coming from the back that buttons in the front. I love that simple change to give the jumpsuit an overalls vibe. To make this change I lengthened the straps a few inches and cut them 4″ wide. I assembled as instructed in the pattern and my finished straps are 1″ wide. I cut them extra long and decided on the final length during construction.

This fabric is a 5.5oz raw denim that I purchased from Blackbird about 6 months ago. It’s a great weight for these overalls– not too light but not so heavy that they’re stiff. The pattern calls for drapey woven fabrics and this weight was pretty perfect!

I used a copper-colored thread for all of the topstitching details. I love how it looks with the dark indigo denim! These Greer overalls are so comfortable and already as well-loved as my light-colored denim pair was. I’m so happy to have these overalls back in my wardrobe!

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Denim Greer Overalls

  1. Teri, this Greer is lovely! Can imagine it will get a lot of wear soon. Looks so comfy and I definitely like the strap hacked for the front button closure. You have now reminded me how much I adored this cute pattern and I should really make another one.


    1. Thank you so much, Abbey! It is so comfy— perfect for days when I just can’t handle a waistband. The button front straps make it a lot easier for me to get into and out of it. I made the shorts version with the tie straps and I sort of regret it. I think I may need to modify it so that I don’t have to retie the straps to get it on and off.


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