Pixie Tee Dress

Hello! How are you, sewing friends? Today is my kids’ first day back to school and it is so hard to believe our relaxed Summer is over. We thoroughly enjoyed our lazy wake-ups, trips to the pool, time spent with family, and road trip to Tennessee. I also thoroughly enjoyed sewing only for pleasure whenever the mood struck.

I did sew quite a few new things these last few months and most of them were either Closet Core Carolyn Pajama shorts or Chalk + Notch Pixie Tees. Those two together were my Summer uniform and I can’t wait to show you my different combinations. But first I want to show you my Pixie tee dress.

This was my first time using the dress view of the Pixie tee pattern. I bought this striped Art Gallery fabrics cotton/spandex jersey thinking it would make such a cute dress. Unfortunately, the fabric wasn’t on grain at all and the stripes were slanted downward when I folded the fabric on the grainline. I was stumped about what to do and let it sit for a while. Finally I decided that I’d just try to straighten it out as much as I could while I cut the fabric and hope for the best.

Thankfully, that plan worked pretty well. I was scared that the fabric would want to twist at the seams once I finished the dress but that hasn’t happened at all. Yay!

I was a little unsure about what size to cut in the hip area of this dress. I’ve been making a size 10 graded to between the 10/12 for the t-shirt length. First I cut a size 10 in the bust and graded out to between the 14 and 16 at the hips. When I tried it on during construction I felt like there was too much ease below the waist. I took it in a few times and finally got to the fit I wanted. I think it’s probably about a 10 graded to a 12 at the hips.

Chalk + Notch patterns are a joy to sew. The instructions are really detailed and I think that this would be an excellent pattern for someone who had never sewn with knits before. I love that (after making zillions of t-shirts in my sewing career) I can sew this pattern really quickly. T-shirts and t-shirt dresses are a great project for when you’re short on time or just don’t have the capacity for a more involved project.

The loose fit is so comfortable and easy to wear. I have been wearing this every week since I made it and definitely want to add a few more to my closet. I think I need one in a solid black and maybe heather gray, too. Thankfully Summer doesn’t officially end until September 22 and we should still have great weather for short sleeve Pixie tees and Pixie tee dresses until at least then!



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