Sitka Sweatshirt

Hello! Welcome back to my blog (I’m saying that more to myself than anyone else, haha!) It’s been a few months since I’ve been here, but I’ve been sewing quite a bit. Most of my recently made garments are posted over on– here is a link to my page if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to for the past few months.

And now that I’m back over here I am laughing because this post is about another Hey June pattern that I just tested. My last 2 posts here have been about Hey June patterns, so I guess that is all I do now over here. But hey, who can really blame me? Hey June patterns are the best!

This newest pattern is called the Sitka Sweatshirt. And you might think that I actually went to Sitka to take these photos, but I am still here in good old Illinois. It seriously hasn’t stopped snowing since the beginning of February. We have so much snow! So when I got the chance to sew another sweatshirt of course I jumped at the chance. I have a lot of handmade sweatshirts and about 50% of them are from Hey June. Adrianna is the master of fantastic sweatshirts!

The Sitka Sweatshirt is a shrunken style sweatshirt, meaning that it’s slightly cropped (like high hip) length in the body and the sleeves are designed to hit right at the wrist bone. There are 3 views, one is a basic, one fabric sweatshirt, and the other 2 are color-blocked. I made view C, which is made up of 3 bodice pieces. (View B has 2 bodice pieces.) I made another view C during testing and it was Frankensteined together from all sorts of fabric scraps. There were some minor changes to the pattern after I made that one, so this one is from the final pattern.

I decided to lengthen the sleeves on this one because it’s still really, stinking cold here and I like to be able to pull my sleeves down over my hands. I added 1.25″ to the length. I also decided to go with a high-low split hem on this one. I shortened the body by 1″ on the front and back. I cut the back hem band 2″ longer, which made it 1″ longer when I folded it and attached it to the body. The front band is the same length as it is the pattern, so the front of this sweatshirt is 1″ shorter than the way it’s designed. My changes kept the back at the same length as the pattern is designed– I just transferred an inch of the length from the bodice to the band.

I did struggle a bit with sewing the pointed parts of the bodice together on my test run. This time I made sure to baste those parts and pin the v areas really well. This one turned out much better than my first one did. Hooray!

My fabrics are all cotton/spandex french terry from They are really soft, with great recovery. I know I’ll be wearing this sweatshirt a lot and I’d love to try the other color-blocked view eventually. Oh, and you can’t really see them, but I made myself some matching navy Hudson pants for a cozy lounge set. I’m going to be hard-pressed to want to wear anything else until all of our snow melts!



5 thoughts on “Sitka Sweatshirt

  1. It’s beautiful (the photos, too!). And thanks for the shop recommendation – I never know where to find properly cozy knit fabrics!


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