Wheaton Windbreaker

Hi friends! I recently had the privilege of testing the newest pattern from Hey June, the Wheaton Windbreaker. I’m so happy with my jacket and I am excited to tell you all about it!

The Wheaton Windbreaker is a cropped, dolman sleeve jacket with a loose body, fitted waistband, elasticated sleeve, and welt pockets. It has a great, roomy hood and the option to add eyelets and a drawstring. The pattern is also named after my hometown of Wheaton, Illinois, so it was a no-brainer for me to sew it! I was hoping that I could have gone to Wheaton to take my photos, but I ended up getting sick right after I made the jacket and I haven’t gone anywhere but my front and backyard since.

The pattern can be made in a large variety of woven fabrics, which this tester round up confirms. Initially, Adrianna recommended using fabrics with drape, and Tencel twill was one of her recommendations. I had this rust-colored Tencel twill in my stash waiting to be made into a different jacket so I decided to change my plans and use it for the Wheaton Windbreaker.

I bought the fabric it from Indiesew (RIP) a bunch of years ago and I absolutely love the color. I’m so glad that it’s out of my stash and made into a jacket, finally. The color is really good for fall! I think it’s pretty neutral so I should be able to wear this jacket with all sorts of things that are in my wardrobe.

Before I cut into my final fabric, I made a very quick muslin from an old sheet. I cut a size 10 at the bust and initially graded out to a 14 at the hips. Since this jacket hits above the widest part of my hips the waistband felt a little loose. I ended up cutting my waistband between the 12 and 14 and I’m happy with the fit. I’ve still got some ease but the jacket still blouses a little bit above the waistband.

One thing I forgot before I started sewing my final jacket was just how long prepping and cutting and marking and fusing takes! I spent a pretty long time getting everything ready to be sewn, but making sure I did all my prep work before I did any sewing was helpful. Sometimes I talk myself into starting to sew when I haven’t cut my interfacing or I haven’t marked all of my pattern pieces. I really hate cutting interfacing so I pretty much have to make myself do it first or I drag it out as long as I possibly can in the sewing process.

After I got all of the prep work done the actual sewing was really fun! The welts take a little bit of time, but the instructions are top notch. I love the optional topstitching on the welts– it’s such a great extra detail. (I forgot to add that detail to my waistband– I need to go back and do that so that the waistband matches the welts!)

The only change I made to my pattern was to lengthen the sleeves an inch. These are designed to hit right at the wrist bone, but I wanted mine a little longer so I can pull them down over my hands when I’m cold.

I used a contrasting Tencel denim fabric for my hood lining. I love the pop of indigo inside the hood. I’m really excited to have this new jacket and I hope that Winter doesn’t come too soon so I can wear it before it gets too cold!

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Wheaton Windbreaker

  1. I also hate cutting interfacing, isn’t that funny! The pockets look so sharp, especially with the topstitching. Lovely new jacket!


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