Dotty Cielo Dress

Hi friends! I’m so excited to finally show you this fun, dotty Cielo dress that I made back in January.

The last two years I’ve helped Michelle from Style Maker Fabrics sew pattern samples for their booth at an event called Sew Expo. In 2019 I sewed my Jenny overall shorts, which were one of my favorite things to wear this past Summer.

In 2020, I sewed this Closet Core Cielo dress in a lovely, dot print poly blend fabric. I just searched their website and I can’t find this exact fabric anymore (perhaps I should not have waited 9 months to get this on my blog!) They do have lots of other great polka dot fabrics, and zillions of other amazing fabrics if you’re in need of some stash enhancement.

I am so happy with this dress and it felt very sad to me that it had been hanging in my closet for months unworn due to quarantine life. My cousin got married on September 4 and because of pandemic precautions she had to cut her guest list dramatically. I watched her wedding over zoom and thought it was the perfect time to get dressed up! I wore this pretty dress, made a mini wedding cake, and celebrated with her and her new husband from afar.

This was my first time making the Cielo dress with the dramatic, balloon sleeves. Prior to making this dress, I’d made the short sleeved view dress with the fun front pockets once before. (Still not blogged, gah!) Since I’d worked out my fitting on my previous version, sewing this one was quick and easy.

I cut a size 10 graded to a size 14. When I initially made a muslin of the Cielo dress I found that the bust darts were too low for me. Because they come out of the armscye instead of the side of the bodice, I decided that doing a petite adjustment was the best way to get them into the right place.  I cut a line perpendicular to the grainline, about an inch above the dart and overlapped the pieces by ½”. This moved the dart into the correct spot and also raised the bottom of the armscye. 

I removed the same amount from the sleeve cap to keep everything uniform. The sleeves still have lots of drama and everything is in the right place for my body. Hooray!

I love that this is a simple silhouette with great details that make it unique. As I mentioned, the bust darts come from the armscye, which is a detail I think I’ve only seen once before this pattern. The lantern sleeves are so on trend and they are definitely the most dramatic sleeves that I have in my closet currently!

I also really love the angled shoulder yoke. I topstitched the seam allowance to try to draw some attention to that detail since it’s not super noticeable in this print.

I sure hope I get a chance to wear this dress out in the world at some point! I smile whenever I see it in my closet because of the fun fabric and because of the memory of wearing it while I watched my sweet cousin get married.

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “Dotty Cielo Dress

  1. Teri 😍😍😍 I absolutely love this! This fabric was a perfect match for this pattern! Here I was between minds if to get Cielo in the sale this weekend and now you have me sold. 😁


  2. I love this dress Teri! I was going to purchase this fabric from the Style Maker Fabric booth at Sew Expo back in February but I snoozed. I was all sold out by the time I went back to get it. 😜 However I do have this pattern. I am sold on it after seeing your amazing dress. I look forward to all your makes.😊


    1. Thanks, Launi! I wish you would have been able to get some of this fabric– I really love it. But I’m sure you’ll be able to find something else equally fabulous if you decide to make this dress!

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