Rio Ringer Dress


Hi friends! I am back with a super quick post about one of my favorite things that I’ve made this Summer. This is the Rio Ringer Dress from True Bias Patterns.


I was a tester for this pattern and in testing, I made two of the tee version for myself and two for my daughter. (I still haven’t gotten photos of my tees and once we went into quarantine my daughter refused to wear any of her actual clothes in favor of all pajamas all the time. I couldn’t convince her that her Rio Ringer Tees were pajamas so they haven’t been worn in months. They probably don’t fit her anymore, which makes me so sad.)


Anyway, I absolutely love this pattern. It is so fun to sew and I love wearing it. I have always been a fan of ringer tees so it’s pretty cool that I have a pattern to make my own now.


After I’d worn my tees for a few months I decided it was time to try the dress. I used an Art Gallery cotton/spandex striped fabric with some cotton/spandex ribbing that I bought from an Etsy seller. The fabric is so soft, which makes the dress incredibly comfortable. I think this is my first basic t-shirt dress and now I want one for every day of the week. They are so easy to wear!


I cut a size 12 graded to a 16, with 1.25″ added to the length since I’m 2.5″ taller than the pattern is drafted for. (This pattern comes in the extended size range up to a size 30.) My bust puts me into a size 10, but I went up a size since I wanted a looser fit. I am so happy with the fit of this dress!


The pattern instructions are great, which is always how I feel about True Bias patterns. Kelli, the designer, came up with a great way to add the ribbing to the neckline and armholes. The results are super professional looking. Now that I’ve sewn 5 iterations of this pattern I’ve gotten pretty quick at sewing it. I made this dress in an afternoon and didn’t want to take it off for a few days after I made it.


Once my kids go back to school on Monday I’ve got plans to sew up a few quick knit projects and I’m sure I’ll be making another Rio tee and dress to add to my collection.



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