Seaforth Pants

Hi friends! I’m excited to be showing off my new pink pants today! I recently tested the latest release from Hey June Handmade, the Seaforth Pants. The Seaforth Pants are a loose-fitting pant that comes in two views, a full-length wide hem, and an ankle-length, elasticated hem, jogger-style pant.

Both views feature front pockets with angled, zippered, welt openings, and back patch pockets. The back pieces have darts at the waist to keep the elastic waist area from being too bulky. Seaforth has a low to mid-rise and the option to add a drawstring to the waistband.

These are basically my ideal summer pants. They are easy to wear with flip flops or sandals and a tank top, but they can easily be dressed up with a woven top and fancier shoes. But I don’t really have very many fancy shoes so I can assure you I’ll be wearing them casually most of the time!

I made a quick muslin before I dove in with my final fabric. My measurements (30″ waist, 42.5″ hip) put me in a 10 at the waist and just above a 12 at the hip. The pattern recommends sizing down if you fall between sizes, which I did at the hip. I was a little concerned that the size 10 waistband wouldn’t go over my hips since it only stretches to 39″. (It’s so great that the finished measurements chart includes that information!)

As I suspected, it was a challenge to shimmy into the size 10 waist, so I went up to a straight size 12 for my final pair. Yep, you read that right– I made a straight size! I’m pretty sure I’ve only done that once, maybe twice, before this. It was just so exciting! That fact alone has me wanting to make about 10 pairs of these pants!

The fabric I chose is Brussels Washer linen/rayon in blush pink. I was having all the trouble deciding what color fabric I wanted to use for these pants when I came across this photo from Raven on Instagram. I knew I had to choose the pink since I have 3 t-shirts made from black and white mini-striped jersey. Her pink Burnside bibs look so cute with her striped tee… I sort of feel like I need pink bibs now, too…

These pants were really fun to sew. If you’ve never sewn a welt pocket before this type of zippered welt is a great place to start. It is not too difficult to sew. I recommend taking it slow and either using glue or wonder tape to hold the zipper in place before topstitching it in place. I got my zippers from Wawak and I was very excited that they match my fabric so perfectly.

I’ve made quite a few garments from Brussels Washer linen and I know that the fabric tends to relax with wear. When I was sewing these pants the length seemed great. The hem was just above the ground, but after I washed them they shrunk up a little bit. Since I took these photos I’ve let the hem out an inch so that they are closer to grazing the ground again. The only thing I’d change on my next pair is to lengthen the pants an inch.


And yes, I know I’ll be making these again soon! I love the idea of making the wide leg view as cropped pants and maybe even shorts. I definitely want to try the elastic hem view, too. I have a bit of the pink fabric leftover and I’m hoping to find time soon to make a matching tank for a faux jumpsuit, a la Loni. Hers is just so amazing!


I’m wearing my Seaforth pants with a Durango tank that I made a few years ago. It’s a free pattern from Hey June and it’s such a good one! I love the body-skimming shape and the slightly cut-in shoulders. I modified the armhole openings to have bands instead of the binding method included in the pattern. I love how it looks with these pants!

The Seaforth pants pattern is currently on sale for $10 and I’d recommend snapping it up!

Thanks for reading!


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