Merlo Field Tee

Hello friends! It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted anything on my blog… and in that span of time, the world sure has changed! I think that back when I posted about my pink Dawn jeans we were still at the beginning of quarantine and now we are 6 weeks into it. We have mostly settled into a rhythm of doing e-learning with the kids but I sure do look forward to the weekends when we get a break from it.

I have found that my desire to sew has plummeted as we’ve been home doing e-learning. My brain is pretty fried by the end of the day and having projects already cut or some sort of sewing deadline is about the only thing that gives me the push to spend any time sewing. Like many people, I sewed some masks but I just sewed them for friends and family. I tried out a few different patterns and liked the free ones from Sugardale, Made Everyday, and the pay-what-you-can pattern from Ensemble patterns.

Sooooo, back to the point. I’ve made some t-shirts recently that I completely love and have even taken photos of but haven’t gotten a chance to write a blog post about them. I kept thinking that I wanted to make another Merlo Field tee before I got my first one up on the blog but that hasn’t happened yet. I have been sitting on these photos since November and I figured it was high time I got a blog post done about this t-shirt that I love so much! (Also, I think these photos were taken right after I got my hair cut and it’s a couple inches longer now and desperately in need of a trim and highlights once my state opens back up again.)

This is the Merlo Field tee from Sew House Seven. It is like the fraternal twin of the Tabor v-neck, which I’ve made a few times and love. The fit through the sleeves and body is similar (maybe exactly the same?) but the Merlo Field tee has a crewneck and some contrasting panels on the sleeves and shoulders. I loved this pattern the minute I saw it and it just took me a little bit of time to find the perfect fabric for it.

I ended up using this cotton/modal jersey from StyleMaker Fabrics. (I used a dark green which seems to be sold out currently. I would very much like some of that rose color to make another one of these tees!) This fabric is sooooo dreamy! It’s really soft and smooth. It’s a good medium weight and it worked out perfectly for this t-shirt. My neckband and contrast panels are made from some hemp/cotton jersey that was in my stash and was leftover from this Tabor V-neck.

The fit of this tee is perfect. I love the loose body and the somewhat fitted sleeves balance out the proportions so well. I cut a size 10 graded to a 14 based on measurements of 37″ bust and 44″ hips. I did a full biceps adjustment so that the sleeves weren’t too tight and I also mase a forward shoulder adjustment of 1/2.” I contemplated just adding 1/2″ to the front of the shoulder panel so it would cover the front of my shoulder more but I did end up shifting the whole piece forward instead.

I can’t wait to make another one or two of these tees, especially a short-sleeved version for Summer. I just need a couple more solid-colored knits and a bit of sew-jo to return before that happens, though!

How are you holding up during these strange times? Has your sew-jo been affected at all?

Take care and thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Merlo Field Tee

  1. I keep looking at this pattern. At least every 2 months. Something about it just keeps calling me. May just have to get it now that I’ve seen it on you. Looks so good, Teri


  2. I think this is so cute! I don’t need any new tees but it would be fun to try a new pattern.

    My sewjo is doing okay, but finding the time is tricky! Thanks for sharing your projects!


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