Mini Eucalypt Tank

Hello friends! I’ve got a treat for you today! My daughter Caroline is back on the blog showing off her new Mini Eucalypt tank from Megan Nielsen Patterns.

It’s been a little while since Caroline has made an appearance here. (But she’s watched my husband take a lot of blog photos and she’s picked up some pretty funny poses– is this what I look like? Haha!)

Now that she is 4 she has very strong opinions about what she will wear… and somewhat unfortunately for me most of those opinions revolve around pajamas. She wears pajamas about 80% of the time, with the other 20% being those situations when they aren’t appropriate.

I mostly feel like it’s not hurting anyone for her to wear her jammies as play clothes during the day, but when we go to church, pre-school, and the occasional birthday party I have to draw the line. I’ve made her a couple of cute dresses this year but for the most part I’ve happily focused on sewing for myself. I figure this pajama phase won’t last forever (fingers crossed!) and once she’s interested in regular clothes again I’ll sew for her more often.

Of course, when the opportunity to sew up the new Mini Eucalypt pattern came along I was excited to give it a try. I love my Eucalypt tank and I’ll take any chance to do some mother-daughter coordination!

This pattern is a great, basic woven tank that comes in top length and in dress length. It has a relaxed fit, a cute curved hemline, and a scoop neckline. There are options to add center front seams to the tank or dress, but I cut mine on the fold so I could keep the floral print intact.

The inside seams are sewn with french seams and the neck/armscyes are finished with bias binding. I love that this has such a clean finish! Caroline measured in the size 3 for the chest and 4 at the hips, which is what I cut. I love the fit on her! I think it has the perfect amount of ease (maybe even enough that if she mostly grows taller it will still fit her next Summer. Fingers still crossed!)

I was excited to be able to cut the tank out of the leftovers from my Willamette shirt. In the smallest sizes you can squeeze it out of a pretty little piece of fabric. I made bias binding from small scraps of fabric that I pieced together to have enough to finish the neckline and armscyes.

The instructions on the pattern are great, which is my experience with all Megan Nielsen patterns. I love that the seam allowances are wide enough to do french seams– this is such a nice detail to include on a children’s pattern. Caroline is hard on clothes and having the extra reinforcement on the seams is a really good thing.

The pattern comes in size 3 through size 12 and I’m happy that I’ll be able to make versions of this tank for years to come. I think the dress version will be adorable on her and I will probably make one that she can layer with a cardigan and leggings to wear to church in the Fall and Winter.

I have the whole collection of Megan Nielsen children’s patterns in my library and now that I’ve made her this tank I’m excited to make Caroline some Virginia leggings and Briar tees for Fall. They will be perfect for wearing at pre-school and if I spin it right I may even be able to convince her that they are pajamas!

You’ll be seeing Caroline again soon when I show off our tester version of the Mini Cottesloe swimsuit! Thanks for reading!


p.s. The Mini Eucalypt pattern was provided to me in exchange for a blog post. My opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Mini Eucalypt Tank

  1. Your daughter is precious! That hair, I love that hair! The tank is very cute as well. I love the fabric you used. Looking forward to seeing her model again.


  2. This looks like a cute, sensible outfit for a playful kid! That being said I have no idea how you resist sewing 1,000 Anne of Green Gables style dresses when faced on a daily basis with that head of red curls. It doesn’t sound like she’d like it much but just imagine! ^^


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