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Fuchsia Lander Shorts and Striped Jade Tee

Hi sewing friends! I’m back with an outfit that I’ve been dreaming about creating for quite a while. This post is in collaboration with D&H Fabrics.

I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of sewing inspiration just scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram. I’m always trying to match up patterns or fabrics to ready to wear fashion.

A while back I came across this photo of Gabrielle Union-Wade wearing the cutest pair of bright pink shorts with a black and white striped tee. I loved her outfit and knew I wanted to try to recreate it.

It was fairly easy for me to find a black and white striped knit to use for the tee, but I had a tough time finding the perfect bright pink bottom weight fabric for the shorts. I was very excited when I saw this fabric at D&H Fabrics. It’s a 7 oz organic cotton twill in fuchsia.

Tammy, the owner of D&H was kind enough to send me a yard an a half of this twill so I could make my shorts. The color is so vibrant and just looking at it makes me really happy! It’s the perfect bright pink that I’d been looking for since I saw that photo over a year ago. Hooray!!

The 7 oz weight is great for both shorts and pants. I opted to make one of my favorite patterns with it, the Lander shorts from True Bias.

I washed and dried the fabric twice before I cut into it, which is my standard procedure with fabrics I’m using for pants or shorts. It was probably overkill since the fabric is pre-washed, but I never want to take chances on my new bottoms coming out of the dryer too small after the first time I wash them. (This has happened to me a time or two in the past and it is the worst feeling!)

The inspiration shorts are pleated, but I’m not a big fan of pleats on my pear shaped body. The Landers pants/shorts work well for me since they are slim through the waist and high hip, but are full at the thighs.

This is my third pair of Lander shorts. This pattern is definitely tried and true for me! I cut my standard True Bias size of a 12 at the waist graded to a 16 hip. I made two changes to the pattern– I lowered the front rise by 3/4″ and I lengthened the shorts 2.5″.

It was the tail end of Winter when I was making these and I can’t tell you how much it lifted my spirits to sew such a happy color. And I’m extremely excited that I have these shorts waiting for me now that we’ve been getting some shorts wearing weather!

My top is the Jade tee from Made By Rae. It’s taken me ages to get this tee on the blog. I made it right after I made my original gray one last Summer.

The striped fabric is a bamboo jersey that I ordered from Blackbird fabrics. The are sold out of it now, but this looks pretty similar. (They seem to bring the one that I used back in stock from time to time. It’s a fantastic t-shirt fabric so if you see it in stock I’d recommend you scoop some of it up!)

I love the boatneck on the Jade tee and I think it’s the perfect match for my bright pink Lander shorts!

My copycat outfit turned out exactly how I had envisioned it. It’s going to be impossible to be anything but happy when I wear these shorts. Thanks for carrying this awesome fabric, Tammy, and for helping make my pink shorts dreams come true!


p.s. The fuchsia twill was provided to me by D&H fabrics. My opinions are my own.


10 thoughts on “Fuchsia Lander Shorts and Striped Jade Tee

  1. You did great on your copy-cat outfit! I also like that combination of black/white striped top and a bright pink bottom.

    I’m trying to fit a pants pattern for the first time in 15 years, and body changes have necessitated finding a new pattern and making it fit my current shape. How did you lower the front rise? Did you slash from the center seam and make an adjustment that is greater at the center seam and tapers to nothing at the side seam? I need to make the same adjustment. Thank you.


    1. Thank you, Jeanette! It’s so much fun to make my own versions of outfits I see other people wearing. What you described is exactly what I do to lower the front rise. I draw a line perpendicular to the grain line from the center front to the side seam. I don’t cut all the way through to the side seam, just to about the seam allowance. That makes a hinge and I overlap at the center front by the amount that I want to lower the front rise. If you’re pear shaped, like I am, you may need to sew the side seams with a slightly smaller seam allowance at the waist since the front is now a bit lower (and my body starts to get bigger from the waist down.) I hope it works for you!


  2. I love that colour so much! Well done! I have the shorts from Closet Case Patterns (Jenny overalls) that I think I’ll make without the bib. I think I’ll look for a lovely colour instead of typical blue denim. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Thank you, Nita! I think the Jenny shorts would look great in a fun bright color. (I’d totally make them in denim, too, though! I don’t think I’ll ever have enough denim in my wardrobe.)


  3. Thanks, Abbey! I love how these two fabrics look together. My eyes went totally crazy when I was cutting the tiny stripes on the knit. I ended up ordering a little bit more to make a basic, loose fitting tee from it but I haven’t cut it yet. I have to gear up for the googly eye again, haha.


    1. Thanks, Inder! It really did cause eye strain– those tiny stripes make my eyes go crazy. I used the leftovers of the knit for a Durango tank and it’s one of my favorite tees. I love the fabric so much that I even bought more to make a good old, loose crewneck. I just haven’t worked up the nerve to cut it out, yet. One of these days I’ll brave the googly eyes and just cut it.


  4. Great outfit, great fit! I loved what you did with the fabric/ pattern combinations. This is why i read blogs, to see what others are doing to prevent the many mistakes that I can easily make.


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