Yanta Overalls

Hello sewing friends! Just when you thought I might be done showing off overalls for a while I’m back with another pair. What can I say, I love my overalls!! These are the newest pattern from Helen’s Closet, called the Yanta overalls.

Helen describes the pattern as casual, artist-style overalls with a loose fit through the waist, hips, and legs. Yanta comes in two lengths, cropped pants or shorts. They feature patch pockets on the back, front, and bib.

I really like all of the details on this pattern. It features waist darts on the front and back pieces. The straps come off the back bib in a cool v-shape and are secured with a button closure on the front.

This pattern is designed for a variety of fabrics and I chose to make mine with Brussels Washer linen/rayon in an olive green color. I’ve used this fabric for quite a few projects and I love it. It’s has the texture of linen but also drapes nicely because of the rayon content.

I was a tester for this pattern and this is my tester version. I sewed up a size 12 at the bust, graded to a 14 at the waist, and a 16 at the hips. (My measurements are 37″ bust, 31″ waist, and 44″ hips.) The waist turned out to be pretty big so I ended up having to deepen the front and back waist darts and sew the side seams with a deeper seam allowance in the waist area.

There is an option for side zippers at the waist to make getting into and out of the overalls easier if you’re not making a straight size. I added a zipper on one side since I was grading between sizes and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get them over my hips without it. They are probably loose enough that I could get by without the zipper but I think I’d add a zipper on any future pairs just to avoid stretching out the waist area while pulling these on and off.

The original design of the pattern had inseam pockets, which turned out to be pretty bad for my hips. The pocket opening was right at the widest part of my hips and they wouldn’t stay closed. I decided to remove them and ended up adding some patch pockets. Do these pockets look familiar? They are the pockets from the York pinafore. During testing Helen changed the pattern to feature patch pockets.

I may go back and change the front pockets to the piece that comes with the Yanta pattern. While I love the roomy York pockets, they are curved and all of the other pockets on this pattern are straight lines/angles. I wish I would have thought to square them off before I put them on! Only time will tell if that bothers me enough to unpick and switch out the pockets.

The fit of these overalls is so fun– they seem sort of like a sister pattern to the York pinafore. The loose waist and slight cocoon shape at the hips is similar to the pinafore. They are super comfortable to wear!

After #sewbibs, I now have 4 pairs of full length overalls in my closet but I like that each pattern is a different silhouette with unique details. I only have 1 pair of overall shorts (do we still call them shortalls?) so I think I’ll probably try the Yantas in the shorts length for Summer. They’d be really fun in a lightweight denim or chambray, I bet.

The Yanta Overalls are 20% off this week for the launch. Check them out here!




9 thoughts on “Yanta Overalls

  1. These are adorable Teri! You are the pattern testing superstar! I was thinking I wasn’t going to buy anymore patterns but these were too cute to resist. I love the color you chose.


  2. I’m 5ft 8in tall.I’ve never used a PDF pattern,are there lines on them the same as commercial patterns to lenghten them?


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