Sew Bibs // Jenny Overalls

Hello, friends! Today is the last day of #sewbibs and I’m here with one last project– my Jenny overalls.

I have to admit that when this pattern first came out I wasn’t sure it was for me. I prefer my pants to be low or mid-rise, so the high rise on this pattern wasn’t particularly appealing.

I also love my loose fitting Roberts dungarees and Burnside Bibs. The fit on the Jenny overalls is sleek and completely different than any overalls I’ve worn before.

But, as usual, after seeing a bunch of different version of them on blogs and Instagram, I came around to the pattern and decided it would be fun to give it a try.

Then, a couple of months ago, Michelle from Style Maker Fabrics reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in sewing a sample for her booth at Sew Expo. One of the patterns on the sample list was the Jenny Overalls and I jumped at the chance to make them.

Michelle provided the fabric and the pattern and I got to sew my size in the overalls and keep the finished product. She sent me the cutest navy and white polka dot cotton sateen with a little bit of stretch and the overall hardware kit in nickel.

I cut a size 10 graded to a 12 at the waist and graded to a 16 at the hips. I lengthened the legs of the shorts by 2″, but otherwise didn’t make any changes to the pattern. I did adjust the side seams a little bit as I was going to account for the stretch in the fabric.

These overalls were a really fun sew. I hadn’t done a lapped zipper in quite a while and it was fun to revisit that skill. I love all of the fun details on the overalls– the cute angled pocket on the bib and the curved back patch pockets.

I think if I were to make these again (which I may eventually in the cropped length– but after I take a break from sewing bibs for a while!) I might lower the rise and inch or so and lengthen the bib by the same amount to keep the total length the same.

The back waistband is gaping a bit so I’d probably switch out the straight waistband for a contoured waistband– or maybe just contour the center back a little bit to eliminate the gape.

I can’t wait for warm weather to come to Chicagoland so I can start wearing these cute Jenny overalls! Thanks for following along on all of my overalls and pinfore sewing adventures during #sewbibs! Remember there are still some sponsor discounts that are valid until the end of today if you want to stock up on any supplies for bibs or other sewing projects.




11 thoughts on “Sew Bibs // Jenny Overalls

  1. They are so cute! I also didn’t really look twice at this pattern when it came out, but in the last week I’ve seen a couple pairs that have made me think I want to make my own.


    1. Thanks, Masha! I really wasn’t sure how I’d like the higher waist on a pair of overalls but it’s a fun change from my looser, more mid rise overalls. I bet they’d look great on you! I’ll be interested to see if you do try them.


  2. I am totally enjoying your blog posts about BIBS. You look so cute in all of them. Something about BIBS and the fresh country look on a young woman that is just plain fresh and appealing.
    I have made several Bib overall jumpers I need to add a blog post on my site. I seem to always do some alterations to the pattern as I fear my large backside will be affected negatively by the definitions on some of the patterns. One i just finished is in the wash as I wore it to work yesterday in the school kitchen where i work a few days each week. I usually make mine out of linen and use fun tees under them.
    Blessings Christie


    1. I am really loving wearing all of the bibs that I’ve made for this challenge. Two of mine are made from a linen blend which is so nice to wear. They are wonderful in the Summer but still also manage to keep me warm in the colder months. I am very excited for warmer weather to wear the jumpers that I’ve made without having to wear tights and boots with them!

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  3. These are so adorable and they fit you like a dream. Don’t be so quick to say no to high waists, I’m sure the shorts would look great on you too!


    1. Thank you! I love the fit of these. I know you’re right about the high waists— they look really nice and I just need to get used to wearing them. I usually feel more comfortable in a high waisted skirt than pants/shorts but I’ll keep trying. 😉


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