Sew Bibs // Burnside Bibs

Hi again, friends! I’m all about the Burnside Bibs here on Fa Sew La! Last Monday I was talking about my Simplicity 8641 pinafore,which is a dress version of the pattern, and today I’ve got a new pair of bibs.

I made my first pair of Burnside Bibs close to 2 years ago and I love wearing them. The cropped, wide leg is so fun to swish around in. They are a great piece for that transitional weather between seasons– like right now when it’s not as freezing as it’s been but it’s still not warm by any means. (I’m an ankle barer all year long, though.)

This crazy cold, long winter hasn’t been particularly good to my waistline so my original bibs have gotten a bit snug in the bum area. I really missed wearing them and once my friends and I cooked up the #sewbibs challenge I knew I’d be making another pair of Burnside bibs.

Like my first pair, these are made from Brussels Washer linen/rayon in black. I know I told you on Monday that I love tencel with my whole heart, but I’m also extremely fond of Brussels Washer linen.

It’s got great drape, the cool texture of linen but is a bit less wrinkly since it’s blended with rayon, and is also on the less expensive side compared to 100% linen fabrics. I ordered my fabric from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics, who is one of our #sewbibs sponsors.

This time around, I decided to make the view with the squared off bib instead of the curved bib. I stuck with view A, which has a side zip and less ease through the waist. I cut a size 12 bib and graded to between the 12 and 14 at the waist, then graded to the 14 from the hips down.

I sometimes felt like the waist was too high or the rise was too long on my original pair. On these I lowered the rise by 1/2″ and added 1/2″ to the bib. They are the same length now, but the height is distributed a little differently.

The fit is perfect! I’m so, super happy with these! I’d been wanting to make a black pair since I made my light gray ones. I know I’m going to be wearing these a lot!

I made a couple of minor construction changes to these since I’d made them once before. I didn’t finish the seams before sewing as the instructions recommend. I find that I dislike seams being pressed open because then after I wash my garments I feel like I have to go back and press all of those seam allowances neatly again. (Crazy, right?!)

So other than the area where the invisible zip was installed, I finished my seams together after sewing them.

I also made the front pocket facing narrower, so that the edge is caught in my topstitching. It’s longer on my first pair and the edge comes out of the dryer all flappy and (you guessed it) needs to be pressed back into submission.

(I’m totally cool with ironing, but if I can make a few changes that help me need to do less pressing that is a win in my book!)

Like I did on my first pair, I made the back pockets a bit smaller and positioned them up higher than the pattern recommends. I shaved off 3/8″ on each side and took 3/4″ off the length. I think they look better on me if they’re not so big and low.

I really love this pattern and how the finished bibs look. They are like ultimate comfort but also look really polished, which (until this pattern came along) I didn’t know you could actually say about overalls. I’m so happy to have this black pair in my wardrobe! Have you made Burnside Bibs yet?





6 thoughts on “Sew Bibs // Burnside Bibs

  1. I must say that I love all of your Burnside Bibs! How would you compare version 1 to version 2 – fit wise and other wise? Roominess, comfort, and those lovely back ties?


    1. Hi Melody! Do you mean the difference between the two views on the pattern? I’ve only made the version with the side zip. The other view has more ease through the waist so that you can pull them on and off without a zipper. I think there would be too much excess fabric for me at the waist in that view. Both of the pairs of Burnside bibs that I’ve made are super comfortable. This pattern is roomy without looking sloppy and I love the swishy, wide legs so much!


  2. Beautiful bibs! I’m a big fan of Brussels washer linen, too – and I think Kaufman just released some new colors of it!


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