Colorblocked Driftless Cardigan // Imagine Gnats Contributor

Hi friends! I am over on the Imagine Gnats blog today showing off my colorblocked Driftless cardigan made from the tri-blend modal sweater knit. I am really happy with how it turned out– especially how I got the colorblocking on the sleeves to match up to the split on the body. Woo! Check it out here to read more about it!



3 thoughts on “Colorblocked Driftless Cardigan // Imagine Gnats Contributor

  1. Hi Teri. I love the cardigan you made! Since Imagine Gnats is no longer, I can not access the blog post that you link to here. I am currently sewing up a cardigan with the very same tri-blend modal sweater knit I bought from Imagine Gnats a while ago, and wanted to check your blog post for tips. Is there anywhere else this blog post is hosted, or is there some way I can read it? Thanks.


    1. Hi Amy! I don’t have the blog post anymore, sadly! I wish I would have saved what I wrote. I can tell you that this fabric is so stretchy that my cardigan came out a little longer than what I wanted. I would say that you might want to do a test fit before hemming or before adding hem bands to the bottom to see if you are happy with the length. Otherwise, the fabric was great to work with and I love wearing it!


  2. Ha! The reason I was looking around for tips was precisely because the fabric is SO stretchy! It is really lovely and feels wonderful, but it’s very stretchy indeed! I made a muslin cardigan in a fairly un-stretchy knit, and then moved on to this fabric and was like WHOA this stuff is super stretchy. I’m mid-way through and It is certainly longer than I wanted. I very likely will remove some length before adding the bottom band, but I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do about the arms — the stretchiness has just made them much bigger and baggier than I want them to be 😦


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