Metamorphic Dress

Hellooooo blog readers! Long time no see! I hope you all had a great holiday season. It’s hard to believe that it’s already a new year! We had a nice Christmas break and today was my sons’ first day back to school. It was tough to have to wake up to an alarm again but I am ready to get back to our routine and I’m definitely ready to have a little more sewing time when my kids are all at school!

I made this Sew Liberated Metamorphic dress at the end of November and it’s quickly become one of my most worn garments. I love the loose silhouette of this dress and I super, duper love that it’s reversible. I can wear it two days in a row and, most likely, no one would realize it’s the same dress.

I wanted to make this dress the moment it was released but it really took me a while to settle on fabrics to use. After lots of deliberation I decided on a lightweight cotton ikat that I got from a seller on Etsy and a sandwashed rayon from Stonemountain and Daughter.

Both of the fabrics are very lightweight so the dress doesn’t feel heavy when I’m wearing it. I love both sides of the dress and mostly alternate which side I wear facing out each time I wear it.

Do you follow Meg, the designer of Sew Liberated Patterns, on Instagram? I find her to be such an inspiration. Her style is so cool– she is amazing at layering. I love how she layers her Metamorphic dresses over jeans or under her handknit items.

I knitted the cowl that I’m wearing in the photos of the ikat side of the dress. I hadn’t knitted for years and years and I decided I wanted to get back into it in 2018. I knitted a hat earlier in the year and this cowl in November and December.

For Christmas I got yarn to knit my first sweater, which should be a real adventure! Maybe by the end of 2019 I’ll be able to show you my first handknit sweater. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t take me longer than that! I can’t wait to have a handknit item other than this cowl to layer over this dress!

I had to do a few modifications to the bodice of the dress to get the fit I wanted. I could tell from looking at quite a lot of finished Metamorphic dress photos that the shoulders were going to be too wide for me.

As the pattern suggested, I made a muslin of just the bodice and did a 1/2″ narrow shoulder adjustment before cutting. Even with the adjustment the outermost point of the shoulder was sticking out past my shoulders.

I ended up doing a second adjustment where shifted the shoulder position to be 5/8″closer to my neck. I trimmed off 5/8″ of the outer shoulder blended to nothing at the underarm (well, actually, not blended to nothing since I found the underarms to be too low for me. I raised them 1/2″ in the process of adjusting the shoulder position.) Then I added 5/8″ to the inner shoulder seam and neckline.

I decided to raise the neckline as well as moving the shoulders over. I did the same adjustment to the back bodice piece (raising the back neckline, too.)

My muslin also showed me that the bodice was going to be too short for me. I added 1.5″ to the bodice at the lengthen/shorten line. I probably would have been fine if I’d only added an inch, but I like that my adjustment put the waistline right at my natural waist.

I love that both layers of this dress have pockets! I hacked the inseam pocket shape on my gray ikat layer to be taller so that I could anchor them into the waist seam. It drives me nuts when inseam pockets flap around to the front and back of dresses so I do this adjustment to any dress I make that has a waist seam. It’s so much nicer when they stay in place!

I have enjoyed wearing this dress layered with a long sleeved t-shirt and leggings during the Winter. I really can’t wait until I can wear it with a short sleeved tee and bare legs this Summer.

Despite my adjustments it’s too low in the armholes for me to wear without a tank or a tee underneath. I might revisit this pattern in the Spring and try to get the armholes adjusted to be high enough that I could wear it on it’s own. This sandwashed rayon is lovely and I think a Metamorphic made from 2 layers of it would be wonderful to wear!




6 thoughts on “Metamorphic Dress

  1. This is a really cute dress. I was trying to figure out why I like it so much more than the other Metamorphic dresses I’ve seen. Then I read the post and *lightbulb* – it was your narrowing of the shoulders. It makes it much more flattering. I think your repositioning of the bodice/skirt seam was also key to how good this looks on you. Perfect fit!


    1. Thanks, Marsha! I was pretty surprised at just how wide set the shoulders are in the original pattern. I definitely like them better now that they are not so close to the edge of my shoulders. I love being able to make small changes like that to make clothes fit me so much better.


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