Gathered Skirt York Pinafore

Hello again! I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while but it kept getting pushed back in favor of getting my last blast of Summer sewing posted. Technically, this was Summer sewing but I’m planning to wear it year round. I had forgotten that we took some pictures of it in the Summer and then we ended up taking more photos with the dress styled for Fall. So here is my gathered skirt York pinafore worn two different ways…

Over the Summer, Helen from Helen’s Closet posted various York pinafore hacks and I pretty much wanted to make all of them. I’m sure you know how sewing dreams go, though. In my head there is so much time to make all the things but in reality I can’t get to everything. I did make sure I got to the gathered skirt York because I knew I would wear it a lot. And I have worn this so many times.

I made my York out of a dreamy crosshatch tencel denim that I got from Blackbird Fabrics. This fabric has such a lovely, heavy drape that worked so well for this dress. I love how it has faded slightly and seems to be getting broken in like cotton denim does. I wish I had about 10 more yards of this fabric– it would make the best wide leg, flowy pants. Actually, I do have a little bit more of it in my stash. I’ll have to see if I have enough to make my pants idea a reality.

Helen has great instructions on her blog for how to modify the existing York pinafore pattern to make this dress. I cut my skirt pieces a few inches wider than she suggested and I sewed mine with a slightly deeper hem. I also added pockets, because dresses really need pockets, right?! I made sure to use a rectangular pocket shape so that I could anchor the top of the pocket into the front waist seam. I really dislike when inseam pockets flap all around inside and anchoring them into the waist seam helps keep them in place.

I wore this over the Summer with my Kila tank (pictured) and my Durango tanks. It was so great for hot weather layered over a tank top. I plan to wear it with long sleeved tees in the Fall/Winter with my boots or over leggings. Eventually, I’d like to make a black and/or gray Nikko top to wear with this dress, too.

This dress is so comfortable to wear and it’s gotten quite a few compliments so far. I’m dreaming of another one in black tencel or a mid-weight linen for the Winter. Only time will tell if that sewing dream comes true!

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9 thoughts on “Gathered Skirt York Pinafore

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I love that I can make this work for warm and cool weather. It’s so comfortable that I’m sure I’ll be wearing it just as much in the Fall and Winter as I did in the Summer.


    1. Thanks, Masha! I made two pinafores this Summer and wore them both so much. I have one more pattern (the Simplicity version of the Burnside Bibs with the skirt instead of pants) that I want to try soon, too. I think all three of them will be great Fall pieces layered just like you said!


  1. I love the modifications that you made – pockets!! I do have a question…I’ve been working on a York apron for a couple of months now and keep setting it aside because I can’t figure out how to make the neckline without it rolling out towards the right side of the garment. Any tips on how to make it lie flat?


      1. Thank you. I haven’t read that. Will go read and pull the project back out. Really appreciate the quick reply.


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