Maya Top and High Rise Emerson Shorts

Hello friends! Did you see that recently the True Bias Emerson pants/shorts pattern became available as a printed pattern? When Kelli decided to add the Emerson pattern to her collection of printed patterns she also decided to add a high rise view to the pattern. I tested the high rise view for her and I wanted to show off my tester version of the shorts.

I tested these in the Summer and I wore them quite a bit after I made them. I have made a few pairs of the original Emerson pattern and I was curious to see if I’d like the high rise as much as the mid rise. It turns out I do! I have been very slow to adjust to the high rise trend– I love my low/mid rise bottoms but slowly I’m getting more brave about pants/skirts hitting me closer to my natural waist. Kelli’s Lander pant pattern was my first venture into a higher rise silhouette. I am still quite scared of something as high as the Persephone Pants that have taken the sewing world by storm– but an extra 2″ on the Emersons didn’t sound too crazy to me.

The high rise Emersons still have a flat front and elastic back, which is super comfortable. Between the women’s pattern and the girl’s mini Emerson pattern I’ve constructed this style about 10 times now. I love sewing this pattern– it’s a pretty quick sew but has such great details. (The little bartacks under the pocket always make me so happy!) I’ve struggled a little bit with the fit on the back of the legs in the ones I’ve made myself but I think this time I managed to eliminate most of the drag lines.

I’ve been experimenting lately with cutting down the inseam seam line and sort of curving it out a bit from the crotch to about the mid thigh area. Since these are shorts I cut from the hem to the crotch, leaving a small hinge at the crotch seam. I spread the cut part of the seam allowance a bit to give myself some more back leg room in the inner thigh area. It seems to have worked really well. The benefit of cutting up the seam line and making adjustments there is that the length of the inseam seam line didn’t change on the pattern so it still matched up with the front leg. Eventually I want to make the high rise Emerson pants with that adjustment and see if the back leg fit is as good as these shorts.

My top is another cropped Maya top. I made all of the same alterations as I did to this one I posted a few weeks back. I actually made this one first and made a tiny mistake when I finished the neckline. I used bias tape to finish the neckline instead of the facing included in the pattern. I forgot that the facing is sewn on with a 5/8″ seam allowance and I think I sewed my bias tape with a 3/8″ SA. That tiny bit of difference makes this one a smidge more of a challenge to get over my head. I’m glad I remedied that on my second one!

I used a rayon/linen blend that I got from Blackbird Fabrics in the late spring. I originally used it for a different pattern but that one turned out to be a disaster. I was so sad to have ruined my pretty fabric so I immediately ordered one more meter of it (and 1.5 meters of the gray striped version). I’m so glad I got more of it because I love this top and wore it on repeat over the Summer. (The shorts are also a linen/rayon blend that I got from Joann fabrics. Both pieces were so good in the steamy weather!)

These two pieces work so well together and I know it will be a favorite outfit again next year when it warms up again.

Thanks for reading!



10 thoughts on “Maya Top and High Rise Emerson Shorts

  1. These shorts look great, Teri! I am a big fan of high rise pants. I find them more comfortable and less of a muffin top enabler. I find low rise pants really uncomfortable, and mid rise pants give me a little pooch above the waistband, but I know everyone’s shape is different. All that to say, I have been really happy to see high rise pants come back in style! I love your outfit, and yes, it will be great next year.


    1. Thank you, Becky! I seem to have trouble fitting higher rise pants so that they are comfortable while sitting, but with these that isn’t really an issue because of the elastic back. I love that feature of these pants– it makes them super comfortable! I want to make a pair of high rise Emerson pants soon.


  2. Love your Emerson shorts 🙂 I just received my printed Emerson pattern in the mail this week – I’m so happy Kelli is putting so many of her great patterns into print! Love this pattern for shorts and pants and yours in linen will be a perfect summer outfit next year!


    1. Thanks, Kathleen! I think this was such a great update to the pattern when Kelli put it into print. I love the color of the pants on the pattern cover– I think I need to copy those in the very near future. I hope you enjoy making yours!


    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! I love the texture of this fabric– it’s really nice to wear and doesn’t wrinkle as much as 100% linen. I know I’ll be wearing these a lot next year!


  3. I like the shorts but I LOVE the tee. A couple times now on the TV show The Good Place the characters have been wearing perfect stripey tops and those, and this, remind me that I WANT ONE!


    1. Oh, thank you so much! I can never get enough of stripes. This fabric was a little tricky to work with— the stripes didn’t want to stay straight when I was cutting. But it was so worth it because I love wearing it!


  4. just want to send a thank you for doing all the work of adjusting for me! 😉
    We must be back-view twins


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