Elliot Sweater and Tee

Hello! Did you see that Helen from Helen’s Closet released a new pattern this week? It’s called the Elliot Sweater and Tee and it’s a fun raglan sleeve top with three different lengths and neckline options. I was a tester for this pattern and I made the cropped version with the crewneck.

I’m going to keep this blog post short and sweet because sewing this version of Elliot is definitely short and sweet! I love raglan sleeves– they are comfortable to wear, I don’t have to adjust for my forward shoulders (mostly because I’m not really sure how to do that on a raglan) and they sew up sooooo quickly.

I used a cotton/spandex french terry that I had leftover from this Linden sweatshirt. (Hooray for using 3.5 year old fabric scraps!) When I made that Linden I used the wrong side of the fabric for the sleeves and I decided to do that again for this Elliot. I don’t think you can really see that detail in the photos but I love the slight contrast and interest it gives to a solid top.

Helen made a couple of changes to the pattern after testing. The main changes that affect this view were removing a bit of width from the back piece and shortening the neckband. I have the slightest bit of dropping in the back of the neck on this but it’s barely noticeable– or not noticeable at all if my hair is down! I heard my friend Meredith say, “You can’t see it from a moving horse,” on her instagram stories this morning which cracked me up. I think I need to apply that line of thinking to a lot of stuff that I would be tempted to seam rip and try to fix.

Anyway, the only real change I made to this pattern before sewing was to do a full biceps adjustment. This is very common for me and I’m really glad I did it. Even with the adjustment the sleeves are pretty slim on me. I was hoping I could layer this over a long sleeved tee in the Fall/Winter, but I may need more room in the sleeve for that to work. I will probably do a larger adjustment next time.

I really like this new sweater/sweatshirt and I am excited to eventually make the longer version with the larger turtleneck/cowl neck. I think it looks so cute, cozy, and comfortable. What do you think of Elliot?




6 thoughts on “Elliot Sweater and Tee

  1. My mother looked at me when I was trying on clothes she had made me as a child and always said “it will never be seen on a galloping horse” if she spotted something she didn’t like. And that is true of adults as well. Unless you are going to stand still all day and model, many imperfections will never be noticed by others. This tee is cute on you, Teri.

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  2. My dad used to say the same thing: it would never be noticed from a trotting horse! It is a very old saying and quite true. This is so cute on you Teri! I would wear this all the time! I am tempted to make view A in a chunky knit. Perfect over jeans. So much for not buying more fabric 😳


    1. Thanks, Julie! I would love view A in a chunky knit, too. Of course I have nothing like that in my stash. I’ll have to keep my eye out for something and also raid my stash to see what I have that will work. I’ve been buying way too much fabric lately and need to stop until I get some things sewn!


  3. Here in the UK my mum used to say something similar ‘no-one’s going to stop their horses gallop’. Its lovely and I love the pattern.


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