Maya Top and Morgan Shorts

Hello, friends! I am back with another Summer outfit– I have so many un-photographed shorts and tops that I made over the Summer. Well, maybe not SO MANY, but a handful and I’m wondering whether I should just throw in the towel and move on to my more autumnal sewing? Maybe I should try to get a bunch photographed and do a big catch up blog post and then move on to Fall things…

At any rate, I made these Morgan jeans and Maya top in September when we were still having Summer temps. I think my shorts wearing may be over until next Spring, but I know I’ll be able to wear this top into the Fall and Winter if I layer it with a cardigan.

This is my second pair of Morgan shorts. My first pair was made with stretch denim so I sized down (since this pattern is for non-stretch fabric) and ended up with shorts that were quite snug in the legs. I really wanted to make some loose, boyfriend style shorts this time around, which I still didn’t manage to do.

I made some adjustments to widen the legs on these, but in the end I wish I would have sized up for a looser fit. Even though this is a boyfriend jeans pattern the stomach/hip area is fitted. These aren’t a failure by any means and I know I’ll wear them, but they don’t have the slouchy look I was trying to get. I used a 10 oz denim that I got from Blackbird Fabrics and I probably washed the fabric about 10 times before I cut into it. I wanted these to look worn in and since I’m constantly doing laundry I just kept washing them each time I did a load of darks.

I also hit these pretty hard with sandpaper as I was sewing them. I wish I had a way to sandblast my handmade jeans to get that ready to wear worn in look! My husband has an electric sander and I contemplated trying it on the seams but I got scared I’d totally ruin the shorts. These look a little distressed but I’ll just have to wear them for years and years to get them totally broken in.

I was very happy to revisit the Marilla Walker Maya top pattern.  I made one a few years ago that I still wear a lot each Summer.  It’s a great boxy top pattern if you’re in need of one! This time I went with the cropped length and added cuffs to the arms. The original pattern is finished with facings at the armholes and neckline, but for this version I chose to finish the neckline with bias tape. I loosely followed the instructions from Randomly Happy to add the cuffs, but ended up cutting my cuffs 5″ wide so that I could fold them in half and enclose the raw edges of the armscye within the cuff. Also, I used the cuff from the Kalle shirtdress pattern as a guide. It is angled at the top edge which keeps the cuff from winging out at the top.

The fabric I used for the Maya top is the real star of this show. It’s an Atelier Brunette double gauze that I got for a steal as a remnant. It came from D&H Fabrics, who I think is fairly new in the independent fabric shop scene. I only had 1 yard of the fabric, but because it is wider than other double gauze fabrics I was easily able to fit this cropped top on it.

I love the tiny metallic embroidered dots. I’m not sure this rusty amber color really works on my skin tone, but I love the color and think it’s so great for Fall. I added the brown scarf to try to keep me from looking completely washed out. I haven’t worn a square scarf like this for years and years but I think that look is coming back in style. I’m glad I held on to all my scarves so I can pull them out again!

Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “Maya Top and Morgan Shorts

  1. I love your top! What a brilliant way to “spend” your Atelier double gauze 🙂 I bought some in a remnant sale as well. So in love with it! I have to be mindful that it doesn’t end up being one of those beauties in my collection that doesn’t get used for years!


    1. Thanks, Kathleen! I am really pleased that I cut into this fabric almost as soon as I got it. I’d love to hear what you make from yours when you do use it! I would love to get more in a different color to make a midi skirt– I’ll have to keep my eyes open for more remnant sales. I love when I can get a great fabric at a bargain price.


  2. Looks great!!! I love the fabric for the top. I too have been wearing lots of my old scarves from the “old days” lately. Glad I kept them – and that they didn’t take up much room in the closet for the last twenty or so years!


    1. Thanks, Chris! I haven’t held on to a whole lot from my old days— a few pairs of shoes (are Doc Martens going to have another moment? I’ll be ready!) The scarves all fit nicely into one little container so I’ll probably save those forever.


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