Roberts Collection Dungaree Dress

This dungaree dress is one of my favorite things I’ve made this Summer! After I made my York pinafore I was excited to give another pinafore style a try so I turned to the Roberts Collection pattern from Marilla Walker. It’s got a great loose, comfy shape and I think the way the straps attach to the back piece is just so cute!

Roberts Dungaree Dress 2

Roberts Dungaree Dress 3

Lately, on Instagram, I’ve been seeing quite a few great versions of the jumpsuit and dungarees that come in this pattern collection. I definitely want to make the dungarees, but since I didn’t have a large enough piece of fabric to make them I started with the shorter version of the dungaree dress.

Roberts Dungaree Dress 4


Roberts Dungaree Dress 5

I used the leftover dotted chambray fabric from my Yari jumpsuit. I figured chambray would work well for this dress– I like that it has some structure but still has a bit of movement and drape.

Roberts Dungaree Dress 6

Roberts Dungaree Dress 7

The dress was a really fun sew. This is my second Marilla Walker pattern. (I’ve made the Maya top before.) Her instructions are detailed and easy to follow and I love how many options come in this one pattern! I cut a size 3 on the bib, graded to a 4 at the waist, graded to a 5 at the hips. My experience so far with Marilla’s patterns is that they have a lot of ease. I considered only grading out to a 4 for the bottom half, but I like the easy shape and amount of room I’ve got in the skirt.

Roberts Dungaree Dress 8

I was a little short on fabric so I cut the lining for the back bib from a contrasting fabric scrap. I love details like this on my handmade garments. It’s so fun to sneak bits of favorite fabrics inside the things I sew. I added some extra topstitching details as I went along, too, because I love topstitching!

Roberts Dungaree Dress 9

Since this was a spontaneous sewing project I got to the end and realized I didn’t have any snaps that would work for the straps and side entry. I ordered some spring snaps from the Noodlehead shop in a cool antique brass color that looks great with my dark chambray. Thankfully they came quickly because I was so excited to wear my new dress!

Roberts Dungaree Dress 11

Roberts Dungaree Dress 12

I love how this fits and how easy it is to throw on over my favorite tees and tank tops. I want to make another from linen, eventually, but I might move on to the dungarees first. They look like something I’d wear all. the. time. and they’ll be perfect for the transition from Summer to Fall (which I’m not ready for yet– how can it be only a few weeks until my kids go back to school?!)

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10 thoughts on “Roberts Collection Dungaree Dress

  1. This is one of my favorite versions of the dungaree dress that I have seen. I love the polka dots, especially with your striped shirt!


  2. I’ve had this pattern printed out and sitting around far too long. Thanks for a great review. Now I know grading out will totally work.


  3. Diouxde, does the pattern work for overalls? Remember when we both showed up at work wearing the same overall outfit? Best days.

    Oh and diouxde, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎂🎉🎁🎈


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