Suki Robe


One of the patterns that I put on my 2018 Make Nine list is the Suki Robe from Helen’s Closet. I have never been a robe person but when this pattern was released I decided that I wanted to become one. I love the photos of Helen wearing the various robes in the pattern listing. She looks so lovely and glamorous, which is pretty much the opposite of how I feel each morning when I wake up.

I ordered the pattern right away and then took a little bit of time to find suitable fabric. Eventually, this beautiful rayon from Blackbird Fabrics caught my eye and I ordered the 3 meters that are needed for the longer version of the kimono.

This Suki is the second one I’ve made. The first one was for an Instagram sewing friend who I haven’t met in real life. I wasn’t sure what size to make for her but somewhere on Helen’s blog she suggests sizing up if you’re making one for a gift and aren’t sure of the person’s measurements. I sewed a size L for her and of course I tried it on when it was finished.

My measurements put me at a size M at the bust and a size XL through the hips. The size L felt like a better option through the bust since I figured I would mostly be wearing the robe over the big t-shirts that I sleep in. My robe is a size L graded to an XL at the high hip area. I love how it fits! The rayon is so drapey that having some extra ease isn’t noticeable and feels quite nice.

I really love all of the thoughtful details that Helen put into this pattern. There is an inside tie to keep the robe closed, nice long ties that attach to the back, belt loops to keep the ties in place, and of course pockets! The neckline piece attaches at a 90 degree angle. It’s a little bit tricky to sew but I love how it looks. It took me a couple of tries to get corners that I was happy with– basting is a good idea at that step if you’re feeling picky.

When I was cutting this out, I almost talked myself out of making the longer view. I think that mostly came down to not wanting to have to crawl around on the floor to cut the long pieces. Since I had enough fabric I toughed it out and cut the extra few inches. I am soooooo glad I did. This fabric is so nice and it feels amazing to have it swishing around my legs.

I started sewing this up on Saturday morning about 6:15am and by 11:25am I had it finished. It was one of those projects that I could not stop sewing once I started. I kept telling myself, “Just one more seam. Just one more step.” And once it was finished I could not take it off.

My morning routine is infinitely more glamorous wearing this robe. I felt fabulous while unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry, and getting kids out the door to school this morning. That is saying a lot!

Helen has a tutorial on her blog for making a short Suki robe coverup, which I want to do next. I want to wear my Suki constantly so having a shorter version that I can wear as actual clothes seems like a great idea.

Are you a robe person? Have you made Suki (or any of the other robe patterns out there?)


10 thoughts on “Suki Robe

  1. Gorgeous! I love it, and I know just what you mean about wanting to feel less sloppy in the morning. Teri, do the sleeves drag in everything? I love kimono styles, but often the sleeves are too long. I am a busy gal, and I need to be able to wear it without making a mess. I think you picked the perfect fabric, Ms. Glamour-Pus!


    1. Thank, Becky! I love it, too! The sleeves seem to be the right length where I haven’t found them dragging in everything. I haven’t eaten with the kimono on but I’ve made my sons’ lunches and washed dishes without any problems. I wish I would have gotten more of this fabric, now that I’ve used it all up. The print is so striking!


  2. Your Suki is gorgeous! I have been looking for Suki fabric for a while and will definitely make one as soon as I find something good. I want to make a short one to use as a light jacket.


    1. Thank you, Malin! I want to make a short one, too, and I’m on the hunt for fabric for it. I hope you find fabric yo love and get to make your Suki soon!


  3. so so pretty! and the timing is great – I want a new robe, but have been looking for an alternative to the ‘usual’ one that comes in family sleepwear patterns. This is fantastic!

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    1. Thank you, Coco! I can see you loving this pattern! It’s a fun sew and it’s so lovely to wear. I will be excited to see your new robe when you make it!


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