Sunday Everyday Sweater and Avery Leggings


I think I’ve done it! I’ve made the perfect outfit for lounging! I have been on a major Avery Leggings kick but I feel like my wardrobe is lacking in tops that are the right length to wear with leggings. Enter the Sunday Everyday Sweater from Ensemble Patterns! It has a bunch of different length options and Leslie proved it’s the perfect match for Avery leggings.

Have you heard of Ensemble Patterns? It’s a new indie pattern company started by Celina of Petit a Petit Patterns. I was so excited when I found out that she was venturing into women’s patterns. The Ensemble Patterns website says that she will be releasing a pattern a month! So far she has released three, the first of which was the Sunday Everyday Sweater. It is a drop shoulder, cocoon style sweater with 2 views and a bunch of possible combinations with sleeve length and hem lengths.

I went with the basic view, which has a level hem and long sleeves. The fabric I used is this textured double knit from Indiesew (along with a rib knit I found at Joann for the bands and cuffs.) It is soooo soft and cozy– perfect for a giant sweatshirt. I actually don’t think that the sweatshirt is supposed to be as giant as mine turned out.  I made a size 10 graded to a 14 at the hips but I think I would have been safe to go down at least one size, especially because I think this fabric grows a little bit with wear.

When I got to the point in the construction process where I could try on the sweatshirt I realized it was comically large. I took in the side seams by 1/2″ from the bottom of the sleeve to the top of the pockets, for a total reduction of 2″ around. I might have taken it in a little bit at the hips but I couldn’t without sewing the pockets closed.

I didn’t make any adjustments to the length and the sweatshirt is longer than I expected for the mid length. I think this looks more like the tunic length in the pattern photographs. I’m not sure if this is due to my fabric or if I should shorten it next time. I need to do some flat pattern measurements before I make another. I shortened the sleeves by an inch before I added the cuffs but they are still a little long.

So I have a few things I would change for my next one, but all in all, this sweatshirt is super cozy and perfect for lounging in total comfort. I am never sure that these cocoon shaped garments are going to be the best look for me, but I actually love this one. I am eager to try the shorter length in a lighter weight knit. I may wait until the Fall for that since it seems like short sleeve weather is finally starting!

These Avery leggings are made from a rayon/spandex knit that I got from Indiesew last year. I opted not to add the elastic at the waist on these since they are for wearing under dresses and with tunics, not for working out. I am not sure that I would leave the elastic out again. They are totally comfortable and non-restrictive but I do end up pulling them up every so often.

It;s a bit of a thrill to finally have a nice pair of black leggings that fit me well! I’ve already been wearing these a ton and I might need to make a second pair soon.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Everyday Sweater and Avery Leggings

  1. Ack, these are two patterns I have really had my eye on! I love this outfit on you, Teri! You are ready to work out, or just mom it up! The side view on that sweatshirt is just killer.


    1. Thanks, Inder! I completely love how the side seam wraps forward a bit on this sweatshirt. It put the pockets in the perfect spot! I’ll be interested to see if you end up making it— I know the sewing queue is long and time is short… but I bet you’d really like both patterns.


  2. This does, indeed, look like the perfect lounging outfit! Soon you will have to put that sweater away (it looks too nice to be called a sweatshirt), but it will all be there next fall for you to enjoy over the winter. These 2 patterns look terrific together.


    1. Thank you, Becky! I made this when Winter seemed like it was never going to end but Spring seems like it’s finally settled in for good. It will be like reuniting with an old friend when I can pull it out again in the Fall!


  3. It looks so comfy! Personally I would appreciate the extra length if wearing with leggings, though of course with your lovely figure you don’t have that need! Btw, my little curly redhead is now 19…where does the time go!?


    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I do like the extra length for wearing with leggings— this sweatshirt really seems to camouflage my pear shape. I prefer to keep my butt/upper thigh zone covered if I’m wearing leggings, for sure! I can hardly believe my daughter is 3 and will be starting pre-school in the fall. I can only imagine it will feel like the blink of an eye when she is turning 19!


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