Day Dress

Hi! Would you believe I’m still trying to get blog posts done about things that I sewed in the end of 2017? This dress is one of those things. It is the Day Dress by The Avid Seamstress and I made this as the pattern sample for the Indiesew shop. We had a really warm day in mid-December, which is when the photos were taken.

Day Dress 2

Day Dress 4

As you can imagine, a couple of months later I’ve mostly forgotten all of the pertinent details about sizing and constructions. Thankfully, I’ve started keeping a notebook with modifications or fitting information, which is really helpful when I try to write a blog post 3 months after I’ve sewn something!

Day Dress 3

Day Dress 1

This is the first time I’ve sewn a pattern from The Avid Seamstress. I thought the style was really cute and would be perfect for this anchor print chambray that I’ve had in my stash for years. I originally bought it to make an Emery dress, but alas, that pattern keeps getting pushed farther and farther down in my sewing queue.

Day Dress 7

Do you ever get mental block about sewing instructions? After I started reading the instructions I saw that the skirt is gathered by sewing 1/4″ elastic to the top of the skirt pieces. I’m not sure why but this sounded super unappealing to me and I procrastinated on sewing the dress because of it. I abhor sewing with clear elastic and I was thinking that sewing the regular 1/4″ elastic to the top of the skirt would be really unpleasant. Thankfully it wasn’t a big deal at all and the skirt has nice, even gathers because of this method.

Day Dress 8

I was kind of in between sizes on this dress so I cut the bodice right between the lines for size 3 and 4. I graded to a 4 at the waist and cut the skirt at size 5. If I make this again I might make the skirt a size bigger for a little more fullness. I think I could also use a full biceps adjustment. The sleeve feels a little constricting but most likely I won’t be wearing this dress in situations when I need to have maximum range of arm motion.

Day Dress 9

I haven’t worn this dress at all since I made it, since it seems like much more of a warm weather dress. I like it a lot, though, and I’m looking forward to wearing it in the Spring and Summer. I think it will look so cute with sandals. I’m really sick of wearing boots and I can’t wait for bare legs and open toe shoes again!

Have you made anything from The Avid Seamstress? I’m loving this newly released pattern, the Gathered Dress and the Raglan dress looks like something I would wear all the time!

Thanks for reading!




5 thoughts on “Day Dress

  1. I get mental blocks about everything! Negative anticipation – LOL! I don’t like sewing with clear elastic either, and I haven’t done it much because of that. I’m glad you had a good experience. Very cute dress, Teri, and it will be perfect for spring and summer. Something to look forward to!


    1. Yes, negative anticipation is totally a thing! I currently have that problem about cutting out my next pair of jeans, haha! So many pieces to cut. I avoid clear elastic at all costs but attaching the knit elastic wasnโ€™t as bad as I though. I donโ€™t mind regular gathering stitches, though, so that will continue to be my method. Thanks, Becky!


  2. I just ordered the Gathered Dress this morning from her! I love this pattern – the raglan sleeves, the shift in the front and gathered back – gorgeous and just my style. Love your dress too – I avoid gathers at the waist (front anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ ) because I just don’t have much of a waist to gather too making the last thing I’d really want to highlight on my shape (or lack thereof). Chambray was the perfect fabric for this dress – I’m thinking about doing my Gathered Dress in silk but we’ll see once I’ve done up a muslin.


    1. Oh, Kathleen, a silk gathered dress sounds so lovely! I really like the back gathers on that dress since my backside always needs more room. I dont usually gravitate toward shift dresses because of my shape but that one looks like a game changer. I have a few other dresses I need to make first (since I already have fabric and patterns) but Iโ€™m adding that one to my mental wish list!


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