Sparkly Brume Skirt


Hi again! I’m back with another post this week! I’m working on getting the last few of my 2017 finished garments up on the blog. This post is all about my sparkly ponte Brume skirt!

The Brume skirt is from Deer and Doe Patterns. I’ve had my eye on the pattern for quite a while– probably since Meg made this great black version.  This is absolutely not my normal style skirt. I am mostly a fit and flare skirt kind of girl since it’s way easier for me to move about and do my mom duties in a full skirt. I am also not usually excited about wearing things that hug my lumps and bumps on the lower half of my body.

But knowing that Meg looked fantastic in that skirt (we are fairly close to being the same size on the bottom half) and that Deer and Doe patterns tend to be good for curvy/pear-shaped bodies I finally ordered the pattern during their Black Friday sale. I had this sparkly ponte leftover from this dress I made last year. I never really felt comfortable in that dress but I loved the fabric so much and really wanted to use it to make the Brume skirt. I was ready to cut into the dress if I ended up being short on fabric for the skirt but I had enough to eke it out. I think I will probably donate the dress and hope that someone else will love it!

The design lines on the skirt are so fun. It was simple to construct and was a quick one evening project. I used both my sewing machine and my serger to construct it. I sewed all of the seams on my regular machine and then finished the edges with my serger. I ended up topstitching all of the seams down since the ponte is thick and didn’t want to lay flat. I used a zig zag for that and the stitches disappeared right into the fabric. It’s not super easy to see any of the unique details in these photos and the sparkle doesn’t really come through either. This is definitely the perfect holiday party skirt in this fabric!

Of course I didn’t have any holiday parties to attend but I did wear my skirt to church on Christmas. I love how it looks with a button down shirt and a statement necklace and it was also cute and comfortable with a cozy turtleneck sweater half tucked in the front.

I made the largest size (46, I think) with no modifications, even though my waist measured in the size 44. I am glad I didn’t try to grade down in the waist because this is fairly snug in the 46. There is no elastic in the waistband, just negative ease to keep it up. And it’s snug enough that it’s not going anywhere! (I am wearing some shapewear in these photos to minimize lumps.) The ponte is stretchy but since there is not a slit in the back it requires me to take shorter than normal strides to walk. I like the length, though, so I can hobble around a little for the sake of fashion.

My husband is my blog photographer and he doesn’t always have comments about the things that I’ve sewn but he gave me rave reviews about this skirt. I would love to make this skirt again in a non-sparkly fabric that I’ll be able to wear year round. I feel great in it and love that I tried a different silhouette!

Have you made anything out of your normal style lately?


12 thoughts on “Sparkly Brume Skirt

  1. Teri, you look lovely in this skirt! I think your husband is right, it is very flattering. I didn’t know Deer and Doe patterns worked well for those of us with pear shapes. I will have to check them out.


    1. Thank you, Becky! This is my third Deer and Doe pattern (although I’ve had the Belladone dress pattern for years without making it) and so far they’ve all worked out really nicely for my pear shape. I really do want to make the Belladone– maybe this will finally be my year to do it!


    1. Thank you, Jeanette! I haven’t been able to wear necklaces much at all for the last 7-ish years. One of my kids has always been in the stage where they want to pull on (and eventually break) any necklaces I wear. Now that my youngest is getting older I’m hoping that I’ll remember to start accessorizing again!


  2. I love it! It really looks great on and the styling is so sophisticated. I’ve had my eye on this skirt for years too – knowing that there’s no elastic in the waistband might have just sold me …


    1. Thanks, Masha! I think you’d like this pattern. I was sort of confused about the no elastic and had to re-read the instructions a few times thinking I’d missed the part where the elastic gets inserted. I think this may be my first non-elastic waist knit item and I really like it!


    1. Cashmerette patterns reflect different silhouettes – their jeans pattern, at least, has two blocks, one of which is “apple”!


    2. Sorry for my delay in responding, Jeanette, but I was going to say the same thing about Cashmerette patterns. I don’t know if any of the patterns besides the jeans are good for apple shapes but they are worth looking into!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I like a bunch of the Deer and Doe patterns but ordering paper patterns from France was always a bit of a mental stumbling block for me. Now that they are transitioning to also selling pdfs I might be more inclined to try a few more of the ones I’ve had my eye on. I recommend this skirt for sure!


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