Two New Cardigans for Fall


Hi! Back in October, there was a Cozy Cardigan Challenge happening on Instagram. I had been wanting to make a new Seamly Wrapped Cardigan and a new Blackwood Cardigan so I bumped them up to the top of the queue. I love these sewing challenges for motivating me to make things that keep getting pushed down on the list! Of course, I was too busy wearing these to get photos for the challenge but at least I got them made!

My Seamly Wrapped Cardigan made in a rayon/spandex jersey that I got from Indiesew. I have been really impressed with the rayon/jersey knits that Allie carries in the Indiesew fabric shop. They are a nice weight and they wash and wear really well over time. I snagged this one at some point when there was a 40% off sale, which made it a really good deal!

I was a tester for this Seamly Co pattern and I’ve worn my tester version so many times. I wasn’t sure how to do a forward shoulder adjustment the first time I made this cardi, since the neck/shoulder line is sort of a stair step. After constructing it once, though, I figured out which sections to lengthen to move the shoulder seam forward. I am so spatially challenged and I had to double check my work about 10 times before I cut into my fabric but everything turned just fine!

The first time I made the wrapped cardigan I ended up chopping off 6″ from the bottom hem. This time I shortened the pattern piece on the lengthen/shorten line. I’m not sure it made much difference to do it that way, but I thought I would give it a try. I like the shorter length for wearing with jeans and a t-shirt underneath. I’m really happy with this cardigan and it’s gotten a bunch of wear since I made it!

I had been wanting to try the shorter version of the Blackwood Cardigan from Helen’s Closet since I made my long version. I wear that one a lot with skirts and dresses. I thought the shorter version would be perfect to wear with jeans.

I made this cardigan from a really soft and drapey rayon french terry from Imagine Gnats. I love this fabric! It’s lightweight and it’s the perfect shade of heather gray. I am always reaching for this cardigan to throw on over a t-shirt when it’s cool (or full on cold like it is now!) I really love the fit of this cardigan. The neckband comes up just slightly to hug the neck, which is such a nice detail. I shortened the sleeves a little bit but they are still nice and long and cozy.

Can I just stop and say how great the customer service is from Imagine Gnats? I totally messed up my order when I ordered this fabric and Rachael was so kind and helpful to fix my mistake. I think of that each time I wear this cardigan! Then I think of doing more fabric shopping there, haha! (This is not sponsored, I’m just a happy customer!)

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11 thoughts on “Two New Cardigans for Fall

  1. Is there anything better than a good cardigan this time of year? Yes, one you make and fit yourself! I love both of these. I have the Blackwood Cardigan in my queue, but I am afraid it will be a while before I get to it.


    1. Thanks, Becky! It’s always hard for me to get cardigans that fit in stores– as always my pear shape means that things don’t usually fit me correctly. It is so nice to have great patterns to sew my own! Have you made the Blackwood before? It took me a little while to get used to the open front design but now I really love it!


      1. I have been very taken with open cardigans for a while. I never button up a cardigan when I wear it anyway, and the open silhouette is just so much cleaner and classic looking to me. I have not made the Blackwood, but eventually I will.

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  2. These are both great! And I agree, Rachael is wonderful! I am blessed with local options which I also like to support, or I would use her a lot more! But I’m always happy when I order from her.


    1. Thanks, Inder! I wish that I had local options for apparel fabric but I only have Joann fabrics and shops that sell quilting cottons. I’m glad I have trusted online fabric shops to get me through and maybe eventually the quilt shop will branch out into apparel fabrics. Fingers crossed!


  3. Teri, I made a Blackwood short cardigan too! I agree the fit works well for a non closure front. As soon as I finished it, I bought more sweater knit to make another one!
    Good to read your opinion on imagine gnats. I have browsed her shop but have not bought anything. Must change that!!


    1. Oh, how fun that you made one, too! It’s such a nice pattern. I need to keep my eyes out for some good sweater knits to make another one. I would love one in navy to wear with some of my handmade dresses!


  4. I just made up my 2018 sewing plans last night and cardigans are top on the list! Can you ever have too many? I don’t think so 🙂 Love yours and yes that fabric is just the sort I love to wear – soft, drapey and breathable!


    1. My wardrobe definitely agrees that you can’t have too many cardigans! I have a few more that I’m hoping to get to early in 2018, too. I am always cold so I love having cozy layers to throw on to keep me warm. Which patterns are you planning to make, Kathleen?


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