Fringe Top

Hello! Were you one of the sewists that was taken by storm when Chalk and Notch released the Fringe top and dress pattern over the Summer? I sure was! I loved the style the minute I saw it and couldn’t wait to make one for myself.

Fringe Top 2

Fringe Top 3

It didn’t take me too long to make this Fringe top– I think I made it at the end of August. I’m not sure why, but I only just got photos taken today. I think part of the issue was that once shorts weather was gone I wasn’t exactly sure what to wear with this top. I thought it would look best with skinny jeans and I really didn’t have any skinny jeans that fit me very well. I managed to solve this problem last weekend when I made myself a new pair of Ginger jeans. (I have a lot to say about these jeans so I’ll do a separate post on them soon!)

Fringe Top 8

Fringe Top 7

As I expected, I love my Fringe top! I made a size 10 graded to a 14 and did a 5/8″  forward shoulder adjustment. I think the only thing I will change the next time around is that I’ll raise the lowest part of the neckline an inch. (Although, looking at these photos it doesn’t look low at all so maybe I’ll just leave it as is!)

Fringe Top 6

I am such a huge fan of tops and dresses with these cut on sleeves. They are so comfortable to wear and easy to construct. For this top I opted not to add the waist ties and I like it a lot without them.  There is the perfect amount of looseness at the waist and I’m not sure if I’ll add the ties when I make the dress.

Fringe Top 4

This fabric is an Anna Maria Horner lawn that has been aging in my stash for a bunch of years. I’ve been wanting to use it for a long time but I kept running into the issue of having more fabric than I needed for the patterns I was trying to use. This can be sort of a crippling problem when it comes to using fabrics in my stash! I hate having weird lengths of fabric left over that are too small to do anything with and too big to feel like I can just get rid of them. This worked out pretty well– the fabric was wider than I needed but the perfect length. I can probably use my leftovers to make something for my daughter or for pocket linings/bias tape.

Fringe Top 9

I’m planning to make a Fringe dress in December from a beautiful deep green, feather printed rayon that I bought from Blackbird Fabrics. I think it will be perfect to wear for Christmas and then forever and ever after that.

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5 thoughts on “Fringe Top

  1. This turned out great Teri! I love that AMH print. In fact, I’ve owned bits of it in every color. Looking forward to seeing your Fringe dress too!


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